21 Best Car of the 21st Century

What Makes a Great Car? Terrific Performance? Solid Handling? Supreme Luxury?

There are right situation car needs to put a smile on your face, blast down the zigzag road, a cross-continent slog, or even as you lock in away in the garage at night. Sometimes only realize after you’ve part exchanged it for next motor. Other times it takes several attempts before you find a good ‘UN, which is why we’ve saved you trouble by giving you 21cars that stand out in their particular fields.

1. Mini Cooper (2001)

  • 0-60mph 3 sec
  • Top speed 125 mph
  • Average economy 2 mpg

BMW took a huge risk it resurrected the Mini brand. The New hatchback was bigger than the original car but its internal packaging was nowhere near as clever.

2. Porsche Boxster 2.7 (2007)

  • 0-60 mph 1 sec
  • Top speed 160 mph
  • Average economy 4 mpg

The second generation Boxster appeared in 2005 as a subtle evolution of the MK1 car. When it was given the same 2.7-litre engine as the Cayman. Its variable valve timing gives it a bit more power and helped it sound terrific when revived.

3. Nissan GT-R (2009)

  • 0-62mph 5 sec
  • Top speed 195 mph
  • Average economy 5 mpg

The successor of the skyline GT-R sent its 3.8 litre V6 478bhp through all four wheels and a 0-62mph time of 3.5 sec. it was amazing its price very low. It was basically a supercomputer on wheels, but it was a hard habit to break.

4. Toyota Prius (2004)

  • 0-60 mph 9 sec
  • Top speed 101 mph
  • Average economy 7 mpg

No, it was not original Prius but the second version of the petrol-electric hybrid. In reality, it was an economical figure suggested but proved the holly wood celebrities use the car. The maker’s confidence to develop their own hybrids.

5. VW Golf GTI (2005)

  • 0-60mph 0 sec
  • Top speed 136 mph
  • Average economy 9 mpg

The original GTI was a superb model and it made its debut in 1976. The original model soon after the success of the original GTI models, the MK2 made its debut in 1984, but the Golf GTI success become faded after that. Then the MK5 appeared with the turbocharged 2.0-litreVWGolf engine had close to 200 bhp of power and build quality with much-improved driving dynamics.

6. Bugatti Veyron (2005)

  • 0-62mph 5 sec
  • Top speed 253 mph
  • Average economy 6 mpg

Hyper cars mean big numbers. The original Veyron had more than 1000bhp, produced by 16 cylinders, 8.0-litre engine and got to more 124 mph in 7.4 sec.

7. Tesla Model S (2014)

  • 0-60 mph 4 second
  • Top speed 125 mph

Electric cars might have been around for more than 100 years but the modal S that made the world sit up and part to a 250 miles range, impressive performance, and a practical interior.

8. BMW 320 d (2005)

  • 0-60 mph 1 sec
  • Top speed 136 mph
  • Average economy 6 mpg

BMW launched a 2.0-litre engine in 2005. The 320d, s beautifully built cabin, impeccable handling and low running costs were the icing on the cake.

9. Audi R8 4.2 Quattro (2007)

  • 0-60 mph 4 sec
  • Top speed 187 mph
  • Average economy 3 mpg

Supercars have a reputation for cars because of their hard-core nature, but there was a coup you could use for the daily commute and even trip to the shops. The performance of vast body control and a glorious v8 soundtrack.

10. Rolls Royce Phantom (2003)

  • 0-60 mph 0 second
  • Top speed 149 mph
  • Average economy 8 mpg

It might be the same class as the Mercedes and CLS and Range Rover. But those cars simply don’t offer the same ambience.

11. Porsche 911 GT3 RS (2010)

  • 0-60mph 9 sec
  • Top speed 193 mph
  • Average economy 4 mpg

The 444 bhp flat six engine comes to Porsche Motorsport and is simply phenomenal, while the car remains glued to the road in fast corners and puts the driver right at the heart of the action.

12. McLaren 570 (2016)

  • 0-62mph 2 seconds
  • Top speed 204 mph
  • Average economy 5 mpg

The 570 s might be McLaren’s entry-level model but it still has562 bhp and counts the Porsch911 turbo among the rivals. Its twin turbo v8 is supremely responsive. While it is suspension deals with a bumpy road in normal mode and gives the 570 s terrific poise in the hard-core race setting.

13. BMW i8 (2014)

  • 0-60 mph 3 sec
  • Top speed 155 mph
  • Average economy 5 mpg

Yet the i8 shows they do have a future, they sound is quite as good as they used to. The i8 uses a turbocharged 1.5-litre engine and electric motor effect emits only 49g/ km of co2.

14. Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale (2013)

  • 0-62mph 0 sec
  • Top speed 202 mph
  • Average economy 6 mpg

The Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale 2013 is good to be declared as one of the best Ferraris ever introduced by the company. In Special form, it loses 90 kg and gains new engines internal bespoke aerodynamics. Its ceramic brake comes into their own track the car feels just at home on regular roads.

15. Ford Fiesta 1.0 T (2013)

  • 0-62mph 8 sec
  • Top speed 112 mph
  • Average economy 0 mpg

It’s genuinely good to drive, with great handling, yet pliant suspension and zippy turbocharged petrol engine that never feels out of its depth on the motorway. So it also returns a great economy.

16. Skoda superb 1.8 T (2002)

  • 0-60 mph 2 sec
  • Top speed 134mph
  • Average economy 0 mpg

It is a superb car. The original superb had your name all over it. The boot was huge and rear seats allowed even those more than six feet tall to stretch out. It had a decent amount of standard kit.

17. Mazda MX- 52.0 (2015)

  • 0-60 mph 3 sec
  • Top speed 133 mph
  • Average economy 9 mpg

Mazda roadster has been with us since 1990 and every version has collected accolades from around the world but the latest car that takes things full circles after having lost weight. It is just good to drive.

18. Porsche Macan S (2014)

  • 0-62mph 2 sec
  • Top speed 157 mph
  • Average economy 4 mpg

It twin turbo 3.0-litre petrol engine and Macan handles itself very well for a two-ton car. Its proper off-roader once fitted with the right tires.

19. Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dci (2007)

  • 0-62mph 9 seconds
  • Top speed 113 mph
  • Average economy 3 mpg

It’s the Qashqai that leading field despite some completion from rival car makers. This version is economical, has a practical cabin is good to drive and comes with plenty of standard kits.

20. BMW 7 series 730 d (2016)

  • 0-62mph 1 sec
  • Top speed 155 mph
  • Average economy 1 mpg

BMW luxury car has always played second fiddle to its key rival, the Mercedes S Class. The new 7 series is a technological tour de force, with the suspension that reads and reacts to the road head and body reinforced with ultra-light carbon fibre.

21. Audi A2 1.4 TDI (2000)

  • 0-62mph 9 sec
  • Top speed 107 mph
  • Average economy 64 mpg

The A2 brought a touch of luxury to the supermini class and was made aluminium which kept the weight down and gave it class-leading economy figures. It was also well equipped as standard. Which was the list highest price?

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