A 4 Step Guide on Editing Your Digital Signage Template to Fit Your Specific Needs

Digital Signage has proven to be a disruptive technology, which has had a tremendous transformative effect on the way advertising technology is done and consumed by the masses. The bottom line being that it has changed, dramatically, how we communicate effectively with large groups of people while still being able to connect intimately with the chosen audience. The costs for deploying the infrastructure have been steadily going down while at the same time the industry has set up a series of standards which have all combined to make for easy set-up and management of digital advertising campaigns across a widely dispersed geographical area.

The one thing which separates this medium from all of the other advertising platforms is its sheer versatility, which means that it can be successfully deployed across a wide range of environments, which would have been virtually impossible with any other type of medium previously. Just so that we can be sure that we are speaking from the same page, digital signage is simply defined as the employment of technologies including LCD, LD and projectors in order to display content such as images, video, text and video in order to provide information to a target audience. Some of the areas in which this form of advertising has taken a firm foothold includes; airports, schools, hospitals, stadia, retail outlets and outdoor advertising.

Digital Signage

Precision in Advertising

Thanks to the widespread adoption of and use of the internet, smart vendors offer a complete and robust advertising solution, which uses the internet as a platform to run and manage a digital advertising campaign. With this solution you are able to have complete control of your digital advert using your digital device including but not limited to your cell phone. Additionally, from your dashboard you can easily change the look and feel of your advert without having to bother much about what goes on in the background. You can use content in any format from a wide range of sources both local and from the web to create an amazing and hugely interactive communications experience for your target audience.

In a world in which most people are likely to be inundated with too much information on a daily basis, it becomes necessary to ensure that you do have an advertising solution which gives you a competitive edge over the rest of the field and this means that you must offer a compelling solution which is sure geared to keep your audience fully engaged with your offering. To this end therefore you must pay particular attention to designing a digital signage campaign that will achieve its intended purpose of engaging the audience in a compelling manner. Before, it was next to impossible for people who are technically challenged to t design a digital signage solution that was worthy of the name.

Unlimited Options

But now thanks to the use of compelling templating software and digital signage offered in the form of SaaS, you can quickly and easily have a solution up and running within a very short period of time. Therefore, for your advertisement to have any lasting impact and value it must comprise of the right elements in order to it to grab and hold the attention of the target audience. The software that comes bundled with most digital signage solutions gives you some leeway as to how you can use and merge the elements to suit your needs. It gives you the novice, unlimited opportunity, which is also a bit of fun to experiment with all the basic design elements of the digital advert including altering the images, text, audio and video by changing the color, contrast and arrangement to fit in with your very specific needs.

Let us quickly explore how to edit the digital signage templates to make them fit to your needs;

Template Editor

As noted earlier, the digital signage software solution comes bundled with a whole ghost of solutions which include an online editor which is accessible via the dashboard. In advertising content is king and this applies to both the content and the presentation of the content. The tool should allow you to quickly alter the text according to your needs allowing you to use filters, edit motion and effects for post-production to make sure that everything is professional.

Picture Editor

This is a part of the template editor butt it worth a special mention owing to the fact that pictures are an invaluable part of any advertising campaign. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and the template editor comes bundled with a whole set of images, which you can use for your project. The editor has an inbuilt image editor which allows for the manipulation of the image by changing the content, adding effects and changing the aspect ratio as per your needs, all on the same interface.

Video Editor

The video editor which also come bundled as part of the template editing software makes it possible for you to cut, crop and add effects to the video of your choice. This means that it gives you the unique ability to work your video in a variety of ways and making sure that it is perfect before deployment. Since it is bundled with the software it is a cost effective way of video editing the video while previewing the changes live before deployment.

Online Editors and External Editors

It is important to note that you are not limited by the range of editing software that comes bundled with the template software of your chosen set of digital advertising solution. Nay, you can as well very easily use external software to work your content and upload it into the portal for display on your digital display screens.

There are two primary categories of software that you can use and these are; online editors and external editors. Online editors as the name suggests rely on the use of the internet to edit your content and one of the best tools that you can use out there is the Google web designer, which allows you to edit all aspects of your content. Additionally you can opt to use an external editor like the adobe suite to get your job done and done well offline and upload the ready product.

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