4 Success Factors for a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Surveys in the past few years have revealed that at least 72 percent of internet users visit social media sites and accounts. Social media is hot property now, and it is no longer whether but when the business will take advantage of the power that lies there. The thing with social media, though, is that things are always changing, and with them the rules of engagement between businesses and their target market. Still, there are a few principles that remain constant for anyone looking to conduct a successful business online. Here are some of these basics;

1. Timing

When conducting a marketing campaign online, it is important to understand the exact time when majority of the target market will be available and browsing the social media networks. This way, when one shares their content, they get the most exposure. Also, apart from time of day, the day of the week is a huge factor. For instance, research shows that Facebook users spend the most time online on Saturdays. Different social media outlets have different rush hours. Finding the right time to engage one’s audience requires a consideration of the following factors;

  • The target audience
  • The age group and how this affects their times of visit of social media sites
  • The timeliness of the post relative to sales or impact targets

2. Images

A general rule with most social media sites is either the fact that there are character limits on what one can share, or the more heavily worded posts receive less traction. On the other hand, getting a marketing message across with a few words can be difficult. Images are therefore the middle ground and compromise. According to experts, images generally get more likes, comments and click throughs than marketing messages that are text based. Images are shared more often and provide a unique visual balance for the post that draws the eye of the visitor.

3. Smaller Networks

The social media world is ruled by the major social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. However, it is important to consider that things change rapidly in the social media world. For instance, MSN communities and Myspace were all the rage in the past but have been phased out. Also, there is huge potential for passing the message across among people who typically do not use the traditional media. Social media strategies should be thought of as a pyramid. At the bottom are the major players in the industry, and that is where majority of the funds should be spent. However, there should be some allocation of funds targeting people who are in new upcoming sites or the old and dwindling ones.

4. Metrics

What sets internet marketing apart today is the fact that one can keep track of almost everything they spend their money on. There is no way of knowing how successful one is without keeping track of the numbers. Track and measure such elements as

  • Engagement metrics
  • Branding success
  • Click through rates
  • Conversion rates

Maintaining a healthy socialmedia presence can be difficult, so do not be afraid to seek expert help.

Stephanie Clarke is a seasoned writer, and Dental SEO expert. She runs a popular SEO blog and internet marketing company, and has managed successful internet marketing campaigns of the biggest industry players.

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