5 Internet Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

With how fast the internet and its technologies change, it’s a wonder we can keep up. In order to stay on top of internet marketing and ensure the best results, you need to be up-to-date on the most current trends. In order to help you achieve success with your digital marketing efforts, we’re going to break down some of the biggest internet marketing trends to look for in 2017.

Internet Marketing

Content Marketing

As always, content marketing should be at the centre of your internet marketing campaign. As search engines get better, they are able to more accurately and intuitively find authentic, valuable material that people want. By providing valuable, high-quality, and unique content, you’ll make sure that not only search engines – but users – find the information useful. This will make search engines rank it and encourage people to interact with it.

The best way to do this is to provide real, authentic, and valuable content. Try to create content that is easily likeable and shareable so that you extend your reach and promote beyond your existing customers. If you give users something they want and will return for, you should be able to draw in traffic and build a customer base.

Big Data and Predictive Analysis

When it comes to marketing, you want to be able to market the right content to the right audience. The best way to do this is predict what consumers are looking for based on analysis and provide this for them. Big data is the best source to get an idea of how consumers function, including where they go, how frequently, and how often they buy.

This information is extremely useful to help you understand your audience, the market, and your users specifically, allowing you to predict what customers will do and how they will behave. This is the best way to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on your marketing efforts. By accounting for big data information on your consumers, you’ll be able to more effectively drive sales and build your brand.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming, such as Facebook Live, is going to become increasingly popular as well. Over the last year or two we’ve seen the increase in popularity of live video streaming, most notably with the popularity of Facebook Live. Finding creative, interesting, and engaging ways to use these services will help make you stand out and allow you to greatly bolster your marketing strategy without a large cost!

The Influence of Paid Advertising

With the recent updates to Google’s paid advertising in their SERP results will greatly alter the way organic and paid advertising work. A fourth sponsored search result means that more of your SERP pages will be paid advertisements. Organic results will be pushed lower and paid results will take up the majority (if not all) of your screen, especially on mobile queries.

In order to make sure that you stay on top of the SERP results, you’ll need to account for the popularity and prevalence of paid advertising in the new year and how it will affect search results for users.

Trust the Professionals

When it comes to internet marketing, it can be extremely complicated and difficult to do. In order to have the best internet marketing strategy and resources, trust a professional team.

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