5 Tips on Washing Microfiber Items

The microfiber items available on the market today offer a variety in purchase options. Kitchen items, such as towels and mops, are using this fabric more often. Microfiber is great for catching dust, and is also used to make dusters. Improper care, however, can inhibit the positive attributes of microfiber products. There are some tried and true rules to follow when washing these products.

The Major Don’ts

Stay away from the heat of the dryer. The microfiber can be washed on warm or hot water, but the heat in the dryer will compromise its qualities. Go ahead and get a good washing done before drying on low heat or laying out to air dry. Fabric softener should also be avoided, as it clogs the pores in the fabric and deletes its absorption power. Microfiber items will provide many uses if they are cared for properly.

Getting Started

Washing your microfiber items does not have to be that complicated, just follow a few simple rules. Using a mild detergent, you can put the items in the washing machine or hand wash. When hand washing it is important to rinse well, leaving no soap residue. A soft brush can be used to clean the dirt out if needed. The goal here is to keep your microfiber clear of anything that could compromise the heavily absorbent nooks and crannies of your items.

Stay Away from other Fabrics

The trick to having your microfiber come out of the wash in the same condition it went in, is to avoid contact with other fabrics in the process. The best way to accomplish this is to set aside all of your microfiber items for a separate wash. Cotton is the main item to be avoided in the washer, as the high lint output will be picked up by the microfiber. Microfiber attracts dust and lint, which is why it is such a good fabric for cleaning.

This quality, however, can work against it during the washing process. Other synthetics can be washed with microfiber if necessary. The main thing to avoid, are fabrics that produce a lot of lint. Otherwise you will completely ruining your product, as the lint is almost impossible to remove once it has adhered and run the wash and dry cycles.

Careful with the Dryer

Everyone loves the fast drying capabilities of today’s modern dryers. With busy lives and rushed schedules, we often set everything to the highest heat to accomplish the fastest drying time. High heat from the dryer is hard on all fabrics and decreases their longevity, but it is especially hard on microfiber. You would do well to have some patience when drying your microfiber products.

You don’t have to time travel back to the days of the clothesline, but a good air dry will significantly increase the life of your microfiber. If you have the time, give it a try. Otherwise, you can set your dryer on low or no heat and give it the time it needs to get dry. Drying rules are the same as washing, dry the microfiber items separately from lint producing items.

Microfiber is a great new invention for those that like to keep their homes clean and dust free. Microfiber picks up optimal residue and absorbs well. Kitchen cleaning tasks can take much less time with this versatile fabric. Take care of you microfiber and you will enjoy the benefits even after hundreds of washes.

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