8 Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs In Hotel

When you are not sleeping at your home, you must be extra cautious about the bed bugs. Your favorite motels or hotels may contain bugs in their bed. These dangerous critters can provide bites and itching. And can make difficult situation to get rid of them. But you should not be depressed with these troubled situations.

Here are some simple tips by which you can prevent the bed bugs in the hotel.

Prevent Bed Bugs In Hotel

1. Proper Inspection

The inspection session at the hotels must be done carefully. Check the beds and mattresses properly. You can look for little dots either brown or black in color or blood stains. The shape and size of the bugs are similar to the apple seed and their common hiding place can be in the corners of the bedding.

2. Place Luggage Off The Ground

If your hotel room possesses a spare bed, never keep your bags or suitcases there. You should not keep your luggage in the floor to keep away the bugs. You may keep your bags on the dresser, on the rack present in the room. Never keep your clothing lying out in the floor.

3. Make Your Kids Learn The Hotel Protocol

bed bugs in the hotel

Your kids must know what you are inspecting for. Similar to your concerns about the mosquitoes, bees and other insects, bed bugs should also be included in the list. If you can observe traces of powder within the hotel room, it must have been given to treat some previous problem. Insecticides are harmful, specifically for children. You can definitely ask for a change of the room or can even think of changing the hotel if the situation is worse.

4. Speak About The Problem

You may be the adjusting kind of person and do not have a problem with some dust in the mattress. But bed bugs are not only known for their bites, they are known to be the carrier of the germs known as MRSA, which is antibiotic-resistant. If you can follow 11 useful tips for resisting bed bugs, you can really be in a better situation. When you speak up boldly, the hotel authority comes to know about the problem. They will surely take steps to remove the bed bugs as they will never want their guests to move away due to bugs.

5. Go Through Reviews

If you are booking your hotel through internet, you can go through all the reviews of the previous guests who have stayed in the hotel. This will provide you with a clear idea of the hotel and take actions accordingly.

6. Post Vacation Plan

When you do not want to carry your hotel bugs to your home, try washing them when you return home. Bed bugs cannot survive beyond 122 degree centigrade. So it is recommended that you wash all your clothes in hot water. Before storing anything, you must vacuum and inspect the suitcase properly. If the luggage bag is of plastic case, the clothes can be sealed before you require anything again.

7. Observe Bite Marks

When you are noticing the marks of the bedbug bites in your body, even when you have returned from the hotel; it is definite that you have brought the bugs in your home also. For confirming the infestation, only biting and itching are not enough.

8. Call Experts

If you are suspecting that the home is affected by the bed bugs all over, you must call the professionals to confirm the signs. They will treat your home by vacuuming, heating, freezing and some other steaming methods for cleaning your home.

Whatever tips you are using, you must be careful about treating the bed bugs. You need not be depressed as this is a very common problem and there are many simple solutions.


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