A Solution For Keeping Our Streets Clean

It’s a well known fact that chewing gum litter is a problem not only across public streets and pavements but on private land as well. You probably remember so far back as school when it wasn’t uncommon to see chewing gum stuck under desks for weeks – disgusting but a real reality.

Chewing gum litter is still a widespread problem across the UK and despite various approaches to try and stop it (remember the gum boards you used to see on lampposts?), it never seems to go away. There’s no denying the fact that chewing gum on the street is unsightly and unhygienic but just how do you go about getting rid of the problem?

Whilst it’s difficult to make it go away completely and stop, there’s a few options for removing it and, above all else, ensuring streets and pavements look presentable and aren’t riddled with gum spots.

The Options For Chewing Gum Removal

We wanted to take a look at the solutions for chewing gum removal and were pointed in the direction of the chewing gum removal products on offer from Go Gum Limited.

Removing Chewing Gum

First things first, it’s important to understand that it’s a difficult problem to solve in terms of the prevention, but when it comes to the removal, you’ve a number of main options, the first of these being to purchase a chewing gum removal machine.

Such machines are available in a range of options, however at the end of the day offer an easy solution for the removal of chewing gum from paths and pavements.

If you’re an educational establishment of public institution, there’s a good chance you’ll have the resources available in-house to use the machines on a regular basis and keep on top of the problem as it arises, however if you don’t have the resources, all isn’t lost and there’s still options!

Street Cleanse Services


If you either need a larger one-off clean or regular services which are handled completely on your behalf, you’ll be pleased to know that chewing gum removal or street cleanse services are on offer.

This makes perfect sense for organisations where there simply isn’t the resources available to carry out the removal in-house as well as keeping on top of it and it offers an easy to bring in solution as and when needed.

At the end of the day, the problem of chewing gum on our streets is unlikely to ever go away completely, however the next best solution is to be able to keep on top of it. No one wants streets and paths plagued with spat out chewing gum and regular removal is the easiest and generally most effective solution at keeping it at bay.

In addition, the longer chewing gum has been on the paths, the harder it is to remove and, as such, there’s another justification for keeping on top of it and finding a solution which works over the longer-term as well as an initial clean up.

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