All about the Rubbermaid Closet Organizer Ideas

The Rubbermaid closet organizer is a whole new concept that has changed the way we see how to organize our closets. You will probably have noticed how quickly closets gets untidy. This means having a spring clean on a regular basis. It’s not that people are just throwing clothes in their closets, but it’s the way they are designed.

The space is usually big enough, but the shelving and hanging space is not organized properly so everything becomes one big mess on a regular basis. You only need to spend about $50-$100 on a system that would be right for you. Rubbermaid has a large variety of accessories to choose from that will make your life a lot more simple.

You will be able to find something that fits your closet, coming with wire baskets and racks, especially designed for either accessories or shoes which don’t have much chance of getting out of place. Every inch of space is now utilized appropriately.

The most important thing to do is to plan. Find the space where you want to place your system. You may just have moved somewhere and don’t have a lot of clothes.

In this case hanging something on the back of the door will be all well and good, but if you have an established wardrobe you may have to put on your thinking cap. Decide how many baskets and racks you will be needing.

Some people will need an extra stand alone stand for their shoes because of the quantity. Others may have more coats and suits and therefore hanging space would be more of a requirement.

You don’t have to be a DIY expert to fit this against your wall. It really doesn’t take a genius, especially when everything is included in the box so you can’t get lost.

You may prefer one of the other brands on the market and this is where it is important to sum up the pros and cons by looking at the manafacturers sites as well as the reviews on different sites like eBay and Amazon.

You may want to head over to various forums as well to be able to get the best viewpoints from different customers. Brands like Ikea who have produced the Ikea closet system as well as Closetmaid and Ellas are also some of the leaders of the pack and you will have to discover what is right for you.

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