Are You Trying To Plan The Perfect Wedding?

If you’re currently in the process of planning your wedding, there’s a very good chance you’ve thrown yourself into it and are trying to book everything all at once, juggling meetings with potential wedding suppliers with making those much needed all important decisions! Of course, whilst there’s technically nothing wrong with rushing into it all at once, you’ll do far better if you take your time to plan everything out, but whatever you do, make sure you start planning as far in advance as possible!

We wanted to bring you our top tips for planning the perfect wedding, however, and have included our top three suggestions below which you’ll hopefully be able to take away some ideas from and be able to apply them to your own wedding planning.

  1. Book Your Photographer Early

Your chosen photographer is the one who has the responsibility for capturing your big day on film and, as such, someone you need to take time to consider carefully. Our top tip here is to start speaking with photographers as soon as you’ve got a date confirmed. We caught up with Cardiff wedding photographer, Francesca Hill, who commented, “in many instances, dates will get booked up more than 12 month’s in advance so the sooner you can book and secure your chosen photographer, the better. Leaving it too late to speak with photographers almost always ends up in disappointment so add this to the top of your list of things to sort out!”

  1. Consider Doing Something Different For Your Reception

Why settle for doing what everyone else does when it comes to your wedding reception? It seems these days that everyone simply hires a venue, has a meal and hires, at best, an average DJ. Why not go all out and do something a little different? Companies such as Shades Events offer a range of innovative and out of this world options for those looking to host a reception with a difference, including offering brides and grooms-to-be the opportunity to host their very own nightclub! Whether in a marquee or within a venue, taking such an approach means you can impress your guests as well as having the night of your lives as well! It’s all about thinking outside the box and looking at what’s possible with the limits only often your imagination!

  1. Consider Your Catering

The food is often one of the big talking points about any wedding and reception and, as such, it pays to take time to think about your options. Do you want to go for a simple but effective buffet or go for something a little different? Why not have a hog roast done at your venue? Alternatively, why not get a specialist Indian caterers in and spice up your guest’s nights? There’s literally hundreds of different options for catering and whatever you fancy, you should be able to find! Sit down and have a chat about what you fancy and spend some time researching your options before making enquiries.

At the end of the day, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be perfect! Spend time planning all the details and it will be, that’s for sure!

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