Basic Rules to Follow While Sporting Your Ring with Style

Most people treat rings as just an accessory but there are a whole lot of etiquettes that go with wearing rings. Most men haven’t the slightest clue regarding the finer issues associated with ring wearing etiquette. You must always keep in mind that there are several traditions attached to jewelry in general. Moreover, special importance is attached to the rings in particular. The modern man loves to sport his chunky ring because a ring is often used as a fashion statement and an expression of your personality, style, and status.

You could make a statement loud and clear without uttering a single word thanks to your ring. For instance, your ring could send a message to a stranger that you are married hence, not available or free to mingle. Furthermore, your ring could again tell the person you are meeting the very first time that you had actually been a part of the Naval Academy. A ring could demonstrate your social status and culture. The choice of ring often demonstrates the fact that you are happy to display your affluence and show off your wealth and status.

Here are some of the accepted rules associated with wearing of rings.

wearing rings

Rule #1: You Need to Understand the Underlying Messages

All rings send direct or subliminal messages. You have to understand what exactly a ring stands for and accordingly choose an appropriate ring for yourself. A ring would successfully identify your association with the Marine Corps or the navy. Remember that rings you choose would be sending signals of power, social status, and wealth too. The clarity and size of a gem or any other precious stone would indicate your social status and the fact that you are an affluent man. Even the placement of your ring could speak volumes about you and give away the secret to the new people you come across everywhere you go.

Do not ever forget that people actually notice your ring. Choose your ring with caution. Suppose you are wearing the latest and the truly innovative tungsten carbide ring, it would be transmitting the message that you are modern, updated, chic, and creative. Make sure that your ring does not end up sending wrong messages. Be clear regarding the messages you are transmitting through your selection of rings.

Rule#2: Carry an Heirloom Ring with Confidence

If you are sporting an heirloom ring, be sure to carry it with confidence. Do not fake confidence. It is a good idea to try out the ring in the beginning, within the privacy of your home till you are quite used to the feel and weight on your fingers. Then you could start sporting your ring among friends and family, the people you could trust easily.

You need to simply wait and watch. You must get accustomed to their comments and suggestions before stepping out in style. And you must know the story behind your rings. You must know the history of your heirloom ring before exposing it to the public. You must have sound knowledge about the ring and its background as people would be shooting questions at you. Your heirloom ring would inspire many to start a conversation with you.

Rule#3: Opt for Matching Materials

Some men believe in sticking to the traditional gold, silver or platinum rings. However, today most men are adventurous and believe in experimenting and trying out something new, creative and innovative. Tungsten rings are very much in fashion today and they are the prime choice of sophisticated men. Choose a ring that matches your skin tone. Wear gold if you have a warmer skin tone and you could wear the silver if you possess a cool skin tone. You must consider matching your ring with your other accessories. Remember that the metal on your rings, watch strap and belt buckle must be having a similar tone. Matching the metals, however, is not essential but maintaining uniformity could be a good idea.

Rule #4: Proportion Must Be Maintained

Your ring size should be proportionate to your hands and fingers. Choose a small ring if your hands are small and opt for a chunky ring if your hands are large. If you have delicate-looking slim fingers, it is best to choose fine compact rings. If you have fuller fingers, you could opt for broadband rings. Rings could look striking and would be adding a hint of glamour to your personality when worn sensibly keeping in mind all the compatibility factors.


Striking a smart balance between your ring and all other jewelry pieces is no mean achievement. If you are wearing multiple rings, it is a good idea to refrain from crowding all of them together on one hand and leaving the other hand completely bare or sans rings. If you are sporting a watch and your wedding band on the left hand, it would be a good idea to wear just a bracelet on your right hand to attain perfect balance.

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