Beauty Tips For 21st Century Man

Nowadays, beauty is every bit as important for men as it is for women. It is no longer enough simply to be stylish; you have to be amazing!

It is especially important to look your best during special occasions. Men prefer having a fresh and tidy appearance. At the same time, we are no strangers to styling our beards or mustache. Here are some pieces of advice worth considering when preparing for a big gala.

beauty tips for men


  1. Taking care of your face

Stress and sleep deprivation can be disastrous to your skin. To top it all off, there are certain daily factors which can only contribute to our bad appearance. Without a proper care, skin will become dry and it will look under the weather. This is why every man needs to consult with his wife or beautician. At the end of the day, there is no shame in putting on a hydrating mask that will keep your skin intact. Furthermore, mask is a great way to replenish lost vitamins. Next time you take a peek in your Hollywood mirror, you won’t believe the change!

  1. Haircut is the centerpiece

Most men do not like being flashy with their clothes. This is why their haircut needs to tell the tale. Well styled and shape hair is important for every occasion. Make sure to cut it seven to ten days before a big night so that it looks more natural and healthier. Also, this allows you to change your style if you find a better solution. Big experiments are not recommended prior to the special night.

  1. Eyebrows

Styling your eyebrows is something that is no longer exclusive to women. Even the slightest shaping can do miracles when it comes to overall look of your face. Majority of men strive to have a natural but neat appearance so try something that will help you achieve that goal.

  1. Mustache and beard – all that a modern man needs

Mustache and beard are the real deal for every man. No matter how conservative you are, this is probably a part of your face which you love to decorate the most. Nevertheless, even with increased popularity of beard and mustaches, a lot of men still love to be clean shaved prior to a special dinner. In order to make most out of them, groom them with special hair creams.

  1. Excessive hair

Now, this is a thing that people usually tend to omit from beauty guides. Although this is a small correction (in terms of required time) it is something that changes ultimate result significantly. Unfortunately, a lot of men do not pay enough attention to nose or ear hair. Some of them even think that it is ok to remain “all natural”. But, that is not the case. Not only does it look ugly, but it also affects your overall appearance. Even if everything else is in place, people will notice them and judge you solely based on this. Do not be sloppy! Sit in front of a Hollywood mirror and cut those annoying follicles before it’s too late.

  1. Make-up is ok

When it comes to grooming and styling, make-up is the most painful thing for any man. To be honest, majority of them do not even like bringing up the subject. Nevertheless, a touch of concealer or blush can do wonders for you so try not to be conservative.

There we go! Even though we are living in a modern world where both men and women are judged equally for their look, men still have a lot of liberties.

Use this to your advantage. Unlike women, who have to do hundreds of different things before a big night, you can achieve the same effect but with much less effort. So, do not be lazy and go improve your style!

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