Bedroom Feng Shui For Rest and Passion

Just what is a bedroom feng shui? Aren’t bedrooms supposed to induce serenity and respite, passion and love, security and ease? This is exactly what a bedroom feng shui hopes to deliver if every element in the feng shui bagua are infused with care and great sense.

A good bedroom feng shui is a haven anyone would love to come home to at the end of each stressful day since it is inviting, restful to the point of being idyllic, and romantic. Shifting the bedroom into a space that invokes bedroom feng shui atmosphere would only need require minor changes.


Maintain a clean, tidy, neat bedroom. Foster minimalism in the interiors and arrange them in a very liquid and harmonized way so that the positive chi or energy will be able to flow without hindrance. Use natural sources of air and light like windows or anything akin to natural and clean.


To maximize the intended benefits of feng shui decorating principles, use all the feng shui elements with accuracy to derive the intended results. Adhere to the order of simplicity in the choices of representations for wind, fire, earth, wood and water in the said space.

Select objects representing the elements like placing a bed of wood, a metal chime with five rods for wind and metal, a plant for earth,  window crystal or a painting of fish for water, and a bed sheet with some red in it for

fire. An aquarium though will not be good as there is too much water that may wash away good chi.


Create an atmosphere of love through use of colors from the five elements –blue, black, green, brown, etc along with the colors of sensuality and love – pink, white and red. Just do not overdo red as it may also induce discord and anger.

If additional objects must be brought in, use the concept of pairing to reinforce the togetherness of the occupants- a pair of Mandarin ducks, a pair of picture frames, a pair of lovebirds, a pair of pink crystal hearts, etc. Fill the air with sensuality as aromas and scents waft in the air from candles, oils and soft music.


Put away anything that will take away your focus on what really important in a bedroom-rest, relaxation and love. Television, exercise stuff, and bringing work in the bedroom are big NOs!

And finally, find the time to be with the love of your life. Unload your stress as you both languor in what the bedroom can offer.


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