Celebrate Summer with Lavender Pearls

When you think about summer, you imagine bright and pastel colors that reflect your state of mind and general mood. Everything around you is fresh and blossoming, and so is your outlook on life. The sunny season is perhaps the best one to show off accessories and have them compliment the tan you have been working on. You know what jewelry looks best on tanned skin? Pearls, of course. Today we are going to talk about these gorgeous living gems, but not just any random ones: lavender pearls. Yes, you heard us right, lavender pearls indeed exist.

Many people do not know that freshwater pearls come in a wide range of colors to choose from, lavender included. No matter if you choose beautiful pearl rings, necklaces or earrings in lavender, we guarantee that you will be very satisfied with your purchase. The stunning light purple shade that freshwater pearls come in is sweet, graceful and utterly breath-taking to behold. Learn more about these intriguing living gems below and make sure to check out all pieces of lavender freshwater pearl jewelry.

Lavender Pearl Earrings

If it’s summer, then you are probably going to have your hair pulled up most of the time due to the heat. The perfect way to frame your face and enhance the color of your eyes (no matter if they are brown, blue or green) is to treat your ears to a pair of lavender freshwater pearl earrings. Go for studs, lever back, fish hook or drop earrings for a beautiful effect!

Lavender Pearl Rings

We have to admit, we ladies love wearing rings. While we can pile up on all of the diamond rings in the world, nothing really compares to a unique and delicate lavender pearl ring. You can choose from varieties set in 925 sterling silver or, if you want to offer a truly remarkable present, you can get a lavender pearl ring set in 14k white gold and encrusted with tiny diamonds. If you are looking for an engagement ring that won’t be like any other, easily choose a lavender pearl one.

Lavender Pearl Necklaces

The most popular piece of lavender freshwater pearl jewelry is the classic necklace. By choosing a product like this, you will be benefiting from a timeless piece (the traditional pearl necklace) with an upgrade of excellent contemporary tastes (the lavender pearls instead of the usual white ones). Try one with a 14k yellow gold clasp for a fine touch of sophistication.

Lavender Pearl Pendants

If you are looking for a modern piece of jewelry that still has an irreplaceable classy flavor, a lavender freshwater pearl pendant is for you. The pendant pearls you can find online are made from high quality freshwater pearls and are set in authentic silver. In addition to this, they come accompanied by sterling silver chains so you do not have to search in other places for them. They serve as delightful rewards for yourself for accomplishments, as well as exceptional presents for special girls and women in your life.

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