7 Cocktails You can Serve at New Year’s Party

New year’s is one of the most popular events all around the globe. People celebrate this event with their friends and family with all the joy and happiness. New year’s celebration cannot be enjoyed without cocktails and some snacks. Everyone loves to show-off some fancy drinks. People enjoy these kinds of events by keeping parties at their houses and planning out really well so their guests can enjoy them.

Here are some of the recipes for cocktails that pairs up best with some snacks for New Year’s Eve and can be served easily. Check out the best brand archives online to get more information about liqueur.

1. Famous Rosemary Gimlet

Rosemary gimlet cocktails are special and famous for winters world-wide. Rosemary is an herb that gives a savory mild flavor to any dish or drink, it enhances the taste of cocktails. The cocktail is absolutely delicious and liked by everyone. It does not take much time and is prepared with less ingredients. The main ingredient is Gin, and other ingredients are fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup of rosemary or herb (whatever is available in your cupboard). How can you make it?

Simply add all the ingredients with ice or soda water in a blender or cocktail maker. You can add ingredients according to your choice. Take a little time to shake it, for a minute to enhance the taste of the cocktail. Put it into the glass and garnish rosemary on the top of it by placing a slice of lemon at the side of the glass. This would make it look perfect and your guests will enjoy it too.

2. Berry Mirto Cocktail

Normally, mirto is famous in Italy and people enjoy this with the dinner without adding anything to it, they have it neat. It is produced from berries in Italy’s island, and known to taste like berries and oranges. It tastes a bit sweeter. And it is a perfect combination for any cocktail. So, we are sharing a mirto cocktail recipe here which you can enjoy any day of the year, especially on New year’s Eve.

The ingredients we add in this are tonic water, mirto liqueur (should be chilled), some rosemary for garnish and crushed ice. It is simple and easy. Just take a glass and put crushed ice into the glass. Now, put Mirto almost 2 ounces into it with tonic. Time to garnish it with rosemary on top of it, it enhances the taste of any cocktail which is usually liked by all cocktail lovers.

3. Fizzy Cranberry Paloma Cocktail

The bubbly cocktail is perfect for any gathering, does not matter small or big. The cocktail can be paired up with any food. It tastes fruity and if you like pink drinks, it is the best drink to try and serve in your party. Usually Paloma is just like Margarita, a versatile cocktail. You can mix this up with any ingredient, but the main ingredient is cranberry. It is pretty easy to make and serve your guests.

So, you need to put crushed ice into the glass, and pour some fresh grapefruits juice or you can use preservative juice according to your choice, cranberry juice (the main ingredient), some superlative quality tequila, adding club soda water, splash of lime, and some sugared cranberries and rosemary for garnish to give it a celebration look and salt for rim. Here your drink is ready, cherished and enjoyed!

4. Perfect Cinnamon Sour Cocktail

This is a perfect whiskey sour cocktail for any event. The cocktail is full of bourbon and best for whiskey lovers. You can add maple in this cocktail to make it a bit sweet, but if you like sour, skip maple and keep it this way. Get some crushed ice. The main ingredient in this cocktail is Bourbon, you can add it of your own choice. Cinnamon syrup.

Loads of lemon juice according to your taste. One tablespoon of red wine to enhance its taste (it is optional; you can skip if you want). Some good quality cherry on top of it. Shake it till it’s get a bit frosted. Serve it immediately.

5. Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail

Here is the best cocktail for New year’s celebration. This blood orange champagne cocktail is something which fulfills all requirements of liqueur lovers and it is a pretty and delicate drink. These oranges are known to be the best fruit in winters. So, this cocktail goes perfect for all the winter festivities.

This one is easy to make with less ingredients. You need frozen blood orange juice and pour it into the glass, after this add champagne of your choice according to your capacity and taste. Some slices of orange for decoration (it is optional, you can skip this as well), and it is all done. You are ready to serve! Enjoy.

6. Dry Wine Ginger Cocktail

An amazing cocktail to serve during the holiday season. It is a casually good cocktail to enjoy some happy hours with your friends and family. There are just ingredients used in this recipe. Isn’t that pretty easy? So, let’s just make this delicious cocktail with us. It has a bitter taste and if you are making a ginger drink, you are probably going to become a fan of it.

Take some ginger which is finely peeled off and add some sugar, make its syrup. As soon as the syrup is ready, pour dry wine into a glass and add one or half teaspoon of this ginger syrup into the cocktail. We are done and the cocktail is ready to serve.

7. Kir Royale Cocktail

This cocktail is a famous French drink. This cocktail is classic and tastes fruity. It is based on 3 ingredients. Let’s just try this one! The first step is to pour crème de cassis into the glass and it will be poured little into it (a lot of people do not know what it is, it is a liqueur produced with blackcurrant.

It is quite sweet but the taste is absolutely amazing. Then add chilled dry champagne or any variety of wine in it, you can choose according to your choice. Take some orange zest and use it for garnish in the end. It is all ready to serve. Enjoy every bit of it!

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