Should I Convert My Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof?

Most people who consider converting their flat roof to a pitched roof do so because they get tired of the problems normally associated with them, including leaks and other maintenance and repair issues.

As a result, many people decide that converting their flat roof to a pitched roof is for them. This is most commonly called a roof conversion.

Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof

Is a Roof Conversion for You?

Let’s face it. Anytime a homeowner is faced with a project the magnitude of a roof conversion, it is a major undertaking, with the decisions to be made including the cost of the work to be done, selection of the best contractor to do the work, and much more. On the bright side, there are a number of excellent reasons for a conversion to be done. These include:

  • You simply like the look of a pitched roof with shingles
  • A pitched roof results in more efficient insulation. Further, not only can you insulate above the flat roof deck, but you can also insulate under the pitched roof as well.
  • A flat roof encourages the formation of moisture on the underside. By contrast, a pitched roof causes a more efficient pattern of air flow, eliminating moisture.
  • A pitched roof can allow you to create storage space or even create another room in the area between the flat roof and the newly created pitched roof.
  • A pitched roof will last about 40 percent longer than a flat roof. The average life of a pitched roof is 25-50 years, as compared to a flat roof, which will last only 15 to 20 years.
  • A flat roof can cost from 10 to 20 percent more than a pitched roof, due to the expense of the materials and the specialized labor required to build.

In the Final Analysis

In the final analysis, what is best for you and your home is up to you, of course. Most of the considerations are the result of an individual’s tastes as well as what you can afford. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both styles of roofing.

Anyone who wants either type of roofing should be careful to analyze what they want. It takes an understanding of your aesthetics, but you can also learn a lot from the input of a capable roofer.

A roofer who is an expert at conversions can tell you everything you need to know to make a good decision that you won’t regret in the years to come. A good roofer can also guide you in practical ways to save money when it comes to getting the roof you want without undermining the quality you need to make a sturdy and attractive roof.

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