Dressing Tips for Women in High Flying Careers

A common saying goes ‘dress how you want to be addressed’. This is a saying that is used in conferences and also other seminars where you are given advice on entrepreneurship matters. This is not just a cliché statement; it holds in it a lot of truth.

Your appearance at any one point sends a message to the people around you, on the kind of person you are, and the things that you prioritize. This doesn’t just apply to the corporate field; it is also valid in your day to day life.


You have made a judgment on someone based on how they looked. It is an activity that happens all the time, especially in this day and age, where everyone is encouraged to express themselves.

Therefore evident that you will approve of the kind of dressing that expresses a message you agree with. On the other hand, you will look down on the kind of dressing that expresses a message that is contrary to what you believe in.

Women are particularly evaluated according to their style of dress, and for a lady in a serious career, the expectations are quite high. You will notice that society will tend to expect you to carry yourself in the demeanor of your position, and also in a way that you can be a role model to others.

If you are still wondering how you will be able to reach these expectations without feeling like you are under a lot of pressure, you are not alone. Most women do not know what might be too bright or even too tight for the office area.

Here are some helpful techniques you can consider:

1. Have a Suit

For any lady entrepreneur or professional in any field, a suit is a sure way to send the message of professionalism and also gracefulness. You can opt to have other trousers or career dresses, but you should not overlook the impression that a suit will give.

2. Have an Appropriate Shirt

It is very important that you have a good fitting shirt on, even if it is under a suit. You should not have a shirt that is too low cut, it will not be appropriate for the office. The best colors for you will be ivory and white; they blend well with different skin tones.

3. Simple Jewelry

It is okay to have some accessories on, but it is fundamental that you observe moderation. You can have a pearl necklace, since the color is not too conspicuous; a brooch is also suitable for the office space. You can also opt to go for the simple sculptural gold cuff. Totally refrain from wearing too much accessories.

Dress in a way that shows your personality and also the way you want to be treated. For a lady, your wardrobe should contain items that show elegance as well as professionalism. You can attract the people you want to work with by how you package yourself.


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