Eliminating The Cable Eye Sore

When it comes to electronic gadgets, for many of us, it seems like you just can never have too many new toys. The pace that technology advances is exponentially speeding up, which is a much welcomed trend. The problem, however, for many people is that they simply have too many cables that are in a tangled mess hiding behind their computer desks and entertainment centers. Luckily there are a couple of things to consider that are simple, but will makeĀ  huge impact.

The types of cables that you use, for starters, is a big deal to a lot of people. Advancements in technology, though, have changed the landscape from the quite fragile nature of many analog signals from days past. The new purely digital data signals do not degrade near as easily as many people fear. That fear leads to a lot of success among employees trying to sell you expensive, brand name versions of the best HDMI cables for Xbox 360, for example. By buying cheaper, but just as efficient, cables from companies like MonoPrice you can purchase the exact amount that you need and eliminate a lot of the excess that currently plagues your setup.

It’s also important to keep them safely run to their destinations. A cable holder can be great for this purpose and will hold all of your cables in place and out of the way. A lot of people seem to struggle with having to wrap cables tightly around corners or edges and this can do profound damage causing your cables to fray and snap completely. Use cable strips as well on the floor, or preferably against a wall, to keep cables not only out of view, but away from footsteps and pets.

These two changes are simple, yes, but they can make a dramatic change in the organization of your home’s electronics. By making these changes you can extend the life of your cables, replacing them can add up even when bought cheaply, and remove the eye sore that might be infesting your home. Know your needs, purchase wisely, and get back to enjoying your electronics and not worrying about them.

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