Excellent Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Sauna

Having a sauna is good for your mental and physical wellbeing. It helps to detox the body, and it allows you to relax. It is no surprise, therefore, that so many people now have them in your home. If you have chosen your sauna, with your preferred type of sauna heater, and it is ready for usage, how will you actually get the most out of it? The following hints and tips will help you with that.

Sauna Usage Tips

  1. Check with your doctor whether you can use a sauna. It is not recommended for people with a range of medical conditions.
  2. Don’t use a sauna when you are under the influence of any substances, including prescription medication.
  3. Don’t have a large meal before you use a sauna. Let your food settle for around an hour first.
  4. Don’t wear any metal objects in the sauna, they will burn your skin.
  5. Don’t wear your contact lenses.
  6. Take a shower before and after the sauna, and dry yourself properly.
  7. Drink water before you go in the sauna.
  8. Bring two towels: one for you to dry off and one to sit on. Don’t use the same towel for both, because you will dry your body with sweat.
  9. If you don’t have a sauna at home and want to use one in a health center instead, make sure you follow the etiquette, particularly in terms of what to wear. At home, however, consider going naked as it is the best way to really get the most out of the sauna.
  10. Don’t rush it. You should take at least an hour to enjoy your shower before and after, the dry room and the steam room.
  11. Don’t smoke while you’re in the sauna.
  12. Don’t leave the door open. You will waste energy and bring the temperature of the sauna down so it is less effective.
  13. Don’t have sex in the sauna, even if it is your personal one at home. You will dehydrate and run a real and significant risk of fainting.
  14. If you feel dizzy or faint, leave the sauna straight away and drink some water. You must, at all times, listen to your body. Don’t have a competition to see who can stay in the longest either.
  15. Drink before and after going in the sauna. Mineralized water is the best, but a lot of people swear by having a cold beer after the sauna. Just don’t have that beer if you intend to return.
  16. Leave your body to cool down before you get dressed again. Once you stop sweating, you should be ready.

If you follow these hints and tips, you will find that you get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from your sauna. It is important to take these rooms seriously as, while they are designed to help you relax and enjoy yourself, they do carry some health risks if not use properly.

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