Futon Mattress Quality and Types – The Basics

To make Japanese futon a part of your western lifestyle it is vital for you to know the basics. Traditional Japanese futons were made as per similar standards, in the same shape and size, but as western routine took interest in them-futons became transformed and are now available worldwide in various shapes, sizes, and comfort level. So, how do you purchase the right futon mattress?

Along with your knowledge it is important for your futon salesperson to know what he’s selling. When you are choosing a futon mattress it is important for you to know that there are many poor quality futons available as well, select an authentic futon shop to make your purchase. Here, we will give you an insight of Futon quality and types available so when you buy your Japanese bed; you can make the best purchase.

Futon Mattress

The Quality of Futon Mattress

Quality futon mattress consists of number of layers for making up a specific thickness. Layers are important for construction of a good quality futon mattress but when your futon salesperson talks about thickness or layers as means of higher quality do ask for specific detail of each layer. Also ask for an illustrative explanation for the layers and their effect on quality of futon mattress-precisely how this should influence your overall purchase?

Difference in Futon Mattresses

Before we further explain this topic it is important that you understand how comfort of a mattress is subjective and varies from one person to another. So, if one person adores a certain level of comfort in a futon, the other can find that highly undesirable. Personal preference is the main factor here, some people like the mattress to be firm while the others would want a softer version.

Another major factor to consider before making the purchase is to clear the usage of a futon:

  • Will the futon be for you or your guest?
  • Will futon be serving as a platform for kids or pets?
  • Will the futon be for old aged people?
  • Will the resting period be based on a single night?

Again all these question have one single aspect; the comfort of a futon mattress as per individual liking.

When switching the lifestyle from western to Japanese, it is imperative to understand the difference between the two lifestyles hold. You might want to order a firm futon, as a traditional Japanese futon is meant to be firm. But firm on a futon is not same as firm on a bed! Futons by nature are firm, as cotton compresses do not respond to the body movements like routine foam or spring mattresses. Another important fact, futons do not become soft with time, in fact they become harder.

Cotton and Foam Filled Futons

Traditional and authentic futons are filled with cotton batting which is treated for flame resistance and dust mite infestation. The latest futons are also available with foam cores. It is recommended to use a minimum of two core layers of foam with 1 inch thickness, the higher the density of the foam the less will be its compression making it more firm and more resilient.

Tufting and Casing of Futons

Futon should be tufted and should be covered in a 5 surged stitching that wouldn’t unravel. It’s also a good idea to use zipped futon back to mattresses that keeps the pets and kids away from accessing the cotton of the mattress. Also remember to never remove the casing; futon is not able to return to its original consistency.

Thickness of a Futon Mattress

Futon Mattress thickness can vary according to personal preference, those that are thin are not comfortable especially when placed on a frame. The basic rule to having owning a futon is to not purchase any futon mattress with a thickness less than inches. Again, the thickness can vary according to your liking, a thin futon does not mean it’s uncomfortable and a thick futon doesn’t ensure its comfort.

Break-in Period of a Futon Mattress

A quality made authentic futon will take time to break-in or show signs of wearing off. Futons are light weight and cost effective, therefore most of them do demand a frequent change. You can keep the same futon for a life time and especially when it’s being used as a futon sofa during the day and futon bed for night-it will break-in and will require change.

Now days, you will find a tremendous variation in the quality type of a futon. The market also has coil futons and spring futons as well. Although, a futon as per Japanese traditions is meant to be cotton or silk filled and is created to be hard-but their acceptance in the western life style has transformed the entire picture. You have custom made futons with your choice measurements-futon mattresses are not only conventional but also offer great health benefits, try it!

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