Gamerang: The Video Rental Company

Local video games rental stores have been closed due to bankruptcies and reductions in titles by video games companies. These companies have also reduced in numbers as many people have turned to the internet so as to get the latest online games. Online renting has picked up so fast thus seeing the closure of the former.

Online video rental companies are many and Gamerang is one of them. This company offers more than 6,500 titles to choose from with different distribution locations to ensure that the merchandise reaches in time.

There titles are also spread across nine different video game consoles for rent for both the next-generation system and an older versions. For both systems, one is likely to find something that will meet ones gaming needs. Their membership plans also have four different rental plans options. With this one is allowed to rent either one game at $ 17.95, two games at $ 24.95, three games at $ 49.95 or four games at $59.95 all at one time. For the two last options, one is required to put in a $ 75 or $ 100 deposit which at the end of the day is refundable so as to cushion the company from losses it might get when one decides to cancel membership before they return all the rented video games.

The company however doesn’t give free trials as compared to Gamefly but recently they launched several promotions that are aimed at enticing new members to join the program. The promotion is introduced during the first month intro special costs at $14.95 and allowing one to rent one game at a time. At $30, they allow one to rent one game at a time for two months or at $40, one can get two games at a time for two months.

They also have a section on their website titled as coming soon, a new release section and the ability for one to buy used games. However there are no extra bells and whistles offered by this company  as other companies do. These are among others such as player guides or the ability to trade in games.

For lovers of video games, playing at school or at home has been made easier. An online search for unblocked games at school or free unblocked games get you to access to quite an array of video games online.

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