How to Get Exemplary Customer Support Services from Argos

If you live in the UK or Ireland, then you have probably purchased one or more pieces of electronics from Argos. Being one of the market leaders, and having a big number of customers visiting their physical shops or their online store, it is a challenge accessing their customer support services.

Do you need more information about your product’s delivery or collection? Are you looking for refunds, an exchange or even return for a product? Or do you need technical help for the appliances purchased? You will realize that there are millions of other shoppers seeking similar services and you will not be in front of the line for assistance. This also means that you will have to wait for extended durations to get through to their customer service representatives.

Customer Support Services

Even though this is considered the norm, it is frustrating. To get through the process sanely, practice the following tips:

  1. Research online

The downtime on websites like Argos is low and this means that you will be able to access their website. There is a lot of product and services information listed online. Take advantage of this information. You may find the solution to your problem there.

  1. Communicate clearly

In most cases, misunderstandings and prolonged delays in services result from miscommunication or ambiguity. To prevent this from happening, you should give concise details about your case. Whenever the problem needs more explaining, you should give more details on the same, but with specific terms relating to the product.

  1. Plan

Failure to prepare and plan in advance is the main reason why most people calling Argos don’t get immediate solutions to simple problems. Start by writing down the product’s serial number, the coupon code (if any), the expected date of delivery, the date you placed the order, and the order number. Such information makes it easier for the customer services representative to resolve your issue.

  1. Be polite

It is an Argos customer’s duty to question the conduct of the retail store in dispatching services and products. However, being rude and harsh on the phone will not get you anywhere. Your chances of getting services diminish when you are impolite.

You should also note that not all customer service representatives are technical experts and they will not be able to resolve your problem at hand, on phone. You will have to be directed elsewhere and it isn’t the representative’s fault.

  1. Be bold

Rather than beating around the bush in explaining yourself and the product you purchased, just go ahead and mention your problem. If you need a refund or an exchange, just mention it. You get the help you need by asking for what you need.

  1. Practice patience

You may not be the most patient person on earth, but even after getting through to the customer service representative, you may be unable to have the refund or exchange request approved. This is because the agents aren’t in the position to approve such requests. Therefore, you will have to wait a while longer.

In conclusion, clarity, patience, planning, and politeness will help you get through Argos’ customer service support desk. These qualities will make it possible for you to get the services you need.

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