Have A Great Life With Honolulu Luxury Real Estate

Given the chance, most people would love to live in a beautiful location. One of the top places is Honolulu in Hawaii, situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This amazing group of volcanic islands only became part of the USA in 1959, but since then the economy has never looked behind.

With lush tropical forests, lots of wildlife, and miles of amazing beaches, it is no wonder that people are now lining up to buy Honolulu luxury real estate.

Probably the biggest attraction in Honolulu is the weather. Who would not want to live somewhere that offered an average temperature range of 66F to 89F throughout the year, with the majority of days having wonderful sunshine.There is a rainy season between November through January, but the average is only 2.7 inches per month. For those who want a break from the heat, they can head up to Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa during the winter months, as they both have snow at the peaks.

Honolulu is the most populous city in Hawaii, with around 400,000 residents. This is not large compared to other cities in the US. Although the real estate market slowed after the global financial crash in2008, it is now approaching somewhere near full speed again. Many new residential areas are under construction, with condominiums being the most popular. Condos offer value for money, but they are not for everyone.

For those who have the money available, Honolulu luxury real estate is the best option.With a condo you only get rooms and maybe a balcony, but the luxury properties usually come with a reasonable amount of land. Depending on the size of property, it could include a swimming pool, and other amenities to bring a high level of luxury to the owner. The price of these properties also depends on which areas of Honolulu they are in.

The best luxury properties are those which have been built within the last few years. Most of these can be found at the edge of the city where more land is available. Beach front locations are usually the ones that cost the most, especially if they come with a lot of land. Recent sales of these suggest they can go for as high as $38 million. This is of course out of most people’s reach, but you can still get some great luxury properties in Honolulu for much less.

Those located in the mountains will sell for around $1-$3 million, and they still have excellent views of the island. Living in this city not only gives you access to all year round great weather, but also keeps you in close proximity to the main business and shopping areas. With so much to see and do on the main island, it is no wonder that it is now becoming a popular place for people from around the world to retire. Regardless of why you want Honolulu luxury real estate, you can be assured that living there will be a wonderful experience.

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