Hire A Lawyer That Knows How To Represent You

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, it is important that you not try to defend yourself. This is a serious charge. As such, you need a professional and experienced San Fransisco DUI Lawyer to defend you. There are a variety of reasons for this. You will want to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. Mistakes can happen. The DUI laws in California are quite strict. You do not want your life to be ruined for years to come because you have hired a wrong lawyer who simply does not know how to represent you.
Hire A Lawyer

What Your Lawyer Will Do For You

As soon after your arrest as possible, you will want to contact a law firm and retain their services to represent you. This is important because you will immediately begin to benefit from their advice and counsel. Your lawyer will tell you who to speak with, when not to talk, and will be present at all of your court hearings. If you have been put in jail as a result of your arrest, your lawyer will also help to secure a bail hearing and work to get you out pending trial as quickly as possible.

These are all areas of the law that require a specific expertise that not every lawyer possesses. You will want to make sure that the attorney you choose specializes in DUI offenses. You will also want to ensure that your lawyer has a reputation of fighting vigorously on behalf of his or her clients. And you deserve to be defended in a court of law no matter how serious the charge, so make you sure you choose a lawyer that will be certain to do so.

Protect Your Good Name

No matter the reason that you were pulled over for a DUI, you deserve to have your good name protected. You should not be subject to humiliation, and you should not be subjected to any tests or demands for statements that are not legally obligated to provide. Since most individuals do not understand these rights, a court room can be rather intimidating. Your lawyer will guide you through the entire process and help you come out on the other side with your good name in tact.

Remember to contact a professional and experienced DUI lawyer as soon as you can. Defend your rights and get your life back together.

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