Home Storage Tips and Ideas To Implement

There are quite a few ways you can store your personal possessions around a home without placing too much funds into the very task itself. In many ways the smaller a home is the more need it has for smart and unusual storage solutions, so you can’t simply use the closest closet for what you need and decide you’re done. The tips ahead will give you more information you can use on exactly such solutions so you can allow yourself proper storage even in a small apartment:

Use of CD racks

There is hardly anything worse than Tupperware all over the place that gets in the way. The need to pack lunches and sandwiches for trips or work is always present, but the containers can easily get out of hand if you don’t match them right. Organizing the bottoms is a fairly easy task, but getting the lids in one place often results in them spilling all over the place, so you will need to find a different solution, such as using a CD rack. A metal one will allow you to place the lids next to the bottoms, organizing them by size and picking what you need when you need it, not to mention making kitchen cleaning a whole lot easier when you don’t have to collect them each time.

Use of wine racks

You can easily make use of a wine rack and some plastic cups to organize a home office desk. This will work surprisingly well and it may look pretty different compared to other solutions you could otherwise buy at a typical office supply store. You can choose cups with varied colors and wider bottom parts to help organize your desk in a creative manner.

Use of paper towel holders

You can make use of one of those to deal with a whole lot more than simply paper towels, since they can be used to store your ribbons or spools if you need to prepare your cookie cutter shapes or presents in the kitchen. No more clutter and digging through drawers when you’re doing kitchen cleaning.

Use of dinner plate cradles

You can work on avoiding the stacking of heavier plates on huge piles by using plate cradles instead. They will help keep the plates upright and you will have a chance to reach them as you see fit without the usual stacking job that needs to be done. On top of all of that the plates can easily dry off if you place them near the sink as well.

Using a DIY closet organizer

If you have a lot of clothes you’re not quite sure where to place, as well as hats and scarves, then you will need to find a new way to deal with it. You can use a strong shower curtain rod or a pull bar to deal with this yourself, allowing you hang even heavier clothes if the closet doesn’t have one.

Bedroom storage

If you also have bedroom storage issues due to small size, then you need to consider using a Murphy bed to solve the problem. They can be an investment, but they will get the job done, allowing you to save the space you need for floating shelving or something else that allows more storage space. It will also allow you to deal with upholstery cleaning with fewer issues.

Using alcoves

You can make use of taller cabinets on the sides of windows to create an alcove of sorts. Place some nice and soft cushions between them and you will have a nice window space where you can read some books, enjoy some naps and generally relax. You can alternately make this a cat or dog bed if you have any pets.

Using wall spaces

Most modern homes will have hollow walls due to the way they are mode, which is located between the wall studs. You can use that space to make alcoves of your own or possibly install shelving if you have good insulation throughout the rest of your home. It should give you a bit more in terms of storage and possibly easier cleaning.

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