Hot Tub and Spa Accessories You Won’t Want To Be Without

If you’re taking advantage of the warm weather we are having at the moment and have purchased a new hot tub or spa in recent months, ready for the summer ahead, you’ll be eager to add one or two accessories to it to enhance the experience.

You’ve most likely got the basic accessories such as a hot tub cover and a set of steps but there are so many other additional items you could add to make the time spent in your hot tub much more enjoyable.

Whether they’re to aid relaxation or simply for a bit of fun, we’ve teamed up with to take a look at just a few of these in a little more depth and show how you can affordably enhance your hot tub experience!

Add A Hot Tub Stereo System

One such item is a hot tub stereo system. You can get a really good Sony Stereo Head Unit which features a splash proof front panel and has a rear auxiliary input and can be connected to an i-pod, i-phone or MP3 player via a USB-1 wire. Another option would be to go for the Digital Media Locker.

This enables you to insert your MP3 player, i-phone or i-pad into the waterproof locker then simply close the door and turn it on. It’s as simple as that. You can then control the devise via a floating 2 way remote control or via the controls on the door of the locker. For convenience the track information is displayed on the LCD screen and has a 40ft range.

The 288w amplifier can power up to eight speakers or a mix of both subwoofers and speakers and as it is purpose built can be used on boats, pools and spas. Above all else, this is the perfect way to add a bit of fun to your hot tub experience and bring to life the numerous parties which you’ll no doubt be having over the coming months!

Don’t Forget the Speakers

Don’t forget you’ll also need speakers to complete your sound system so perhaps go for a round pop-up speaker that can be rotated to the direction in which you want your music, both in or outside the hot tub or spa for versatility.

These items would be great if you are planning a hot tub or spa party or simply if you want to play some relaxing music when using the hot tub on your own. At the end of the day, as much as hot tubs are fantastic relaxation aids and offer a wealth of different health benefits, they’re fun and really enhance social get togethers!

Having friends round has never been so fun and on a nice night, you simply can’t beat sitting in the hot tub, drinks in hand and having a good laugh! Go on…treat yourself, you know you want to!

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