How Important Is It To Maintain An A/C Compressor?

In the summer months the need to have cool air in your home is essential. If your home air conditioning unit is in prime condition there is no need to worry about switching over from heating to cooling. If you have neglected to care for your air conditioning unit, then the summer months might be problematic, and costly. One of the main components to getting cooled air throughout your house is your air conditioning system’s compressor.

An air conditioning compressor has a motor which contains moving pistons to compress the refrigerant gas. When the pistons of your air conditioning unit stops this means you need to repair the air conditioning unit compressor itself. The price of replacing an air conditioning compressor can be costly. There are several maintenance tips to keep your compressor working properly such as:

Space Appropriation

The biggest part of the a/c compressor is outside where it releases the hot air from inside. The a/c compressor has a fan that helps cool the hot air release. One of the most important things you can do is to give adequate space around the a/c unit outside. Make sure all shrubbery, plants, and grass are not interfering with the unit. Keeping the grass cut and maintained around your compressor is very important during the spring and summer months.

Cleaning the Outside

Cleaning your compressor every other week will help keep cost of your utility bill down, and help your unit from overworking. Spraying the outside unit off with a garden hose is very beneficial to get all the dirt and debris off. Dirt and debris can build up on the outside unit and will slow the unit down. After mowing the grass, you might want to spray off your outside unit too, because the mowed grass can weigh down the compressor. Before the summer hits, it is also suggested to have a special cleaning spray to clean the coils off.You can buy the spray at most home improvement stores.

Flipping the Switch

Many air conditioning compressors have a high pressure switch. Depending on how high the temperatures get in the summer, it might be necessary to engage the high pressure switch on your compressor. Turning the high pressure switch on will help to prevent your compressor from overheating. If your outside unit is in constant direct sunlight, turning on the switch is ideal too.

Maintaining the Inside

Your air filter helps trap dust, dirt, and allergens from being dispersed out with the air flow. Over time the air filter can become clogged and this will cause the compressor to have to overwork to release help cool the air. It is best to clean and replace your air filter regularly. Depending on your unit this could be monthly or quarterly. This simple maintenance tip will help keep your compressor from overworking and also keep down utility costs.


Sometimes there are things outside of your control that might happen to your compressor. Many HVAC companies have service contracts that are for seasonal inspections for your HVAC unit. They can tell if there are any problems with your unit, and what needs to be done to fix the problem. Most states require for HVAC technicians to be certified, so you know that you will be getting quality service.

No one wants to pay to replace a/c unit parts, which can be very expensive. Following these steps will help to insure that you’re a/c compressor is working properly, and your unit is able to cool your house efficiently. Saving your peace of my for the dog days of summer.

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