How to Avoid Mould and Damp In the Kitchen

If like me, you’re planning a makeover of your kitchen, don’t forget to allow for some type of ventilation. It’s something which many, inadvertently, forget to do when planning their own kitchens and live to regret it further down the line when damp and mould starts to appear. Of course, it makes sense that without the proper ventilation, damp and mould will grow, however just a few small steps in the planning stage can prevent it all together!

Damp Can Be A Problem In The Kitchen

Damp air and cooking odours can really be a problem and can soon cause mould to form on the walls and ceiling; particularly in the corners and on the outer walls. It’s the last thing you want if you’ve just spent days or even weeks achieving the look you want, and if you fit some type of effective extraction device then it can be avoided.

Consider These Options

Take a look at the Vent Axia VA140 / 150. Designed to fit into either the window or the wall, they can be placed in a convenient place for your needs and can effectively remove damp laden air and cooking odours that would otherwise invade the rest of your home. They are both manufactured to meet the requirements of building regulations for powered extract ventilation in a domestic kitchen, and conforming to international standards, they both feature both internal and external louvers for safety. One thing to remember though; if you are fitting one of them to a wall or window that is exposed to extreme wind, it is recommended that you use a baffle kit.

Using Products From An Established Manufacturer

Vent Axia are a leading manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems and have been around for 75 years leading the industry in these types of products in both the UK and worldwide so you can be sure of buying a well designed, reliable product.

Alternatively you could opt for the Vent Axia Eclipse 150XP instead. This is a single speed circular kitchen, or indeed bathroom fan designed for the residential market. It comes with a standard white finish and is operated via a pullcord.

Whichever model you decide to fit, be sure of using it when cooking to cut down on unwanted odours and steam filled air. At the end of the day, it doesn’t take much to implement and won’t break the bank, however if you ‘forget’ to implement at the time of re-designing your kitchen, you’ll find it far more difficult to install once everything is in place.

Mould and damp can cause a whole host of problems so the more you can do to prevent it growing in the first place, the better! It doesn’t take much to install proper ventilation so when re-designing your kitchen, be sure to add it to the very top of your ‘to remember’ list and you won’t go wrong!

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