HOW TO BE A WOW BRIDE: Miss Excellent turning Mrs. Perfect on the Wedding day…

”Though I was travelling on a path of excellence; I longed the way to be perfect.” Every lady dreams to be the perfect one to be noted and admired by all. But this hunt for perfection carries on till she get encountered with her wedding day, when she gets a real majestic chance to be the “Mrs. Perfect” and look a stunning WOW bride! So, if you are willing to unlock the key to be a Wow bride on your personal ceremony day; then this article will work really great for you.

To be at your absolute best on your wedding day; you need to work on a sundry range of insights including your beautiful looks, transcendent personality, impeccable shape and a carefree mind. As the saying goes, “It is not just my face or body which remains flawless; for me it is the entire “I” which reflects perfection.” So here are some of the discussing points which would keep you at the front row of the WOW corner on your wedding day.

How to be a beautiful bride:

As of my groom, words from his heart came as, “Moonlight, white satin, roses; And a Beautiful Bride.” To harmonize the beauty on the wedding scene; you need to try the best beauty tricks and go for your utter charm and look beautiful to your extreme. Here are few tips you can follow to be a beautiful bride.

  • Be with the wedding dress which suits your personality, your body shape and not just which looks delightful.

  • Don’t go for excessive make up. A bit of mascara, bit of blusher and suited lippy will go fine for your decent and impressive bridal looks.

  • Be with a comfortable hairstyle and wear your hair the way you like.

  • Keep a safe note on enduring your hairstyle, jewelry, makeup,. Veil and bridal shoes which would go fair with your dress.

How to Get in shape for your wedding day:

“When I manage to be at the Zenith of perfection; I make sure my figure walks along with me.” So, to be with the perfect body shape on your special day; your endeavor must be really arduous. Here are some of the points you can keep in mind to get the perfect shape by your wedding day.

  • Go for resistance training and burn out extra fats and tone muscles.

  • Pertinent Cardiovascular workouts are highly essential to exercise your heart.

  • Maintaining a proper diet, upholding the right nutrients and avoiding extra calories; is a worth doing chore whilst shaping your “Mrs Perfect” bridal body.

How to be with a Zen attitude and be a stress free bride:

It is very common to find brides fainting or getting overstressed on their day of marriage. But as it is, “In perfection, there is no wobbliness.” So, avoid turning a much bothered bride by following the below mentioned tips.

  • Avoid talking about your most special event day lavishly. An extravagant discussion on your wedding day will make you more agitated and get much of anxiety to your soft bridal mind.

  • Do not go for starvation or wacky dieting unless you want to cancel your ticket from the honor of “Astounding bride”.

  • Do not lose your friendship song and have fun with your bridesmaid.

  • Get everything ready far ahead the wedding day.

“Make sure when you walk down the aisle, you carry looks, passion, style, attitude and the real charm in you; and not the stress!”

Wear comfortable sumptuous corsets to have wow appeal or Slinky chemises for little bit of luxury

“Carry so much of wondrous effect in you that your groom embrace bountiful of relaxed smiles for being convinced that a WOW is accomplished on the wedding day as his bride.

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