How to Choose an Area Rug for Your Kids’ Room

Decorating your kid’s room and dealing with all the things that come with that can be a tiresome experience. Choosing between various sets and design directions can take a lot of your time and money, but at the same time it can be fun as well as you can rally explore your creativity. While there are plenty of different elements that you will have to deal with, rugs that you will place in your kid’s room is something that you should take extra care of.

Here is some of the most important information that you may find useful in helping you decide what the best rug for your kid’s room is.

Space and Size

While area rugs do come in a vast range of sizes and varieties, it is important that you choose the size that best fits your kid’s room. Different shapes can often be somewhat deceiving and the rug that you buy may become an obstacle if it is a bit too big. The most effective way to trip is to get a rug that is too big and then have to watch over all the curbed edges when you walk on it.

The Material

You would be amazed just how important the quality of your rug can be. There are few rugs in your home that will have to deal with as much walking, jumping, and playing as your kids’ rug will. This means that it has to be of good quality and at the same time soft enough for your kid enjoy it. Make sure that the thickness of your rug is big enough to soften up any falls and slips that are sure to happen if your kids are small. Natural rug materials and fabrics such as wool have been proven to be the best at this sort of situations. Wool is warm, it is very durable and it comes in all sorts of designs as well.


While most of the rugs around your home won’t really require too much effort from you to clean them, the kids’ area rugs are a different story. You can expect your kid’s rug to have to deal with everything from sodas, chocolate, ice-cream and a whole variety of different stuff that you will have to clean. This means that you should probably avoid some of the more difficult to clean rugs that you can get today. Getting a rug that has a bit of a solid surface but is at the same time soft can really make your life a lot easier. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the label on the rug once you go and purchase it and figure out if it will be an easy rug to clean.


Important part of your decision making process should be the overall look of the room as well. Adding an area rug that doesn’t fit your room design or that your kids don’t like can be a massive issue. Make sure that its colors and the overall look match the tone of your room. While adding vibrant colors to your room is a great way to brighten it up, overdoing it is never a good idea. Make sure that you know how to balance your new ideas with the already existing look. When in doubt, use some of the down and earthy tones if the room can take it, or simply use the darker shade of the color of the walls in the room.


Like with anything that you have to buy, area rugs can also become a taxing burden for your budget. While there really are a lot of different choices that you can make in this area, it is wise to not waste too much money on a simple area rug. While you should not buy the cheapest thing that you can find, don’t go overboard as well. Have in mind that in most cases, your area rugs in your kid’s room will often require regular replacements as they get damaged a lot more often than ordinary rugs. Keeping this in sight, you should also try to avoid rugs that are too pricey. Cheap kids rugs also can come with a variety of problems like poor quality and potential problems regarding the materials from which they are built. Have this in mind before you decide to buy them.

In essence, your area rug is an important part of your room and while it may look easy to simply overlook it, you will be amazed just how important it can get in your life. Choosing a nice area rug that is easy to maintain, reasonably priced and fits your kids room both aesthetically and in size can really make your life a lot easier and make your kids room look lovely.

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