How to Control Clutter in Your Office

It is easy for a clean and organized office to quickly become messy and cluttered. Papers and magazines can pile up, mail can be spread all over work spaces, and office supplies may become out of place. It is very beneficial to organize your office and then spend a little bit of time keeping it clean. There are many products available to assist you in this endeavor. They can be found at any office supply store, and they are usually inexpensive.

An office paper shredder is one of the most useful items you can purchase for your office. So many items of paper, such as credit card offers, bills, and bank statements have sensitive information printed on them, and a paper shredder can reduce clutter while also protecting your identity. There are many different models available to fit your needs. Some shredders can handle numerous pieces of paper at once, and there are even types on the market that can handle shredding sheets of paper that are stapled together.

While many pieces of paper are not essential to keep, there are documents that you should always hold on to. A 4 drawer file cabinet can easily store all of your important items. A file cabinet takes up minimal space, but can hold thousands of important documents. It is also good to always know exactly where important paperwork is located at all times. When you purchase a file cabinet make sure to also buy hanging files to place in the drawers.

If you are like most Americans, you probably receive a lot of mail each day. Instead of just throwing a pile of mail on your office desk, take a few minutes to organize it each day. An easy organization solution is to keep wire racks on your desk to separate mail. Mail that has not been read can be kept in one basket, while mail that has been read can be kept in another basket until it can either be filed or shredded.

To make your office as efficient as possible you should also keep desk drawers organized. While cluttered drawers don’t make your office appear disorganized, they do make it more difficult to stay productive and find what you need. The first step to organizing desk drawers is to remove all of the junk and items that you do not use. You can then buy drawer organizers to keep office items, such as pens, paper clips, staples, and paper products separated.

Controlling clutter in the office should become part of your daily process. If you stay on top of it, you’ll be ecstatic with the high level of production coming out of your office every day.

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