How to Successfully Plan Your Moving Home

Moving house is a big deal not only because you are taking the first steps on your way to a new chapter of your life, but because it requires a lot of diligence and responsible thinking. The first thing you should do is not panic about it. People move house all the time and you will succeed just like everybody else, you just need to put your mind at ease and focus on the task at hand: packing and finding the best moving company for you.

You can start with the latter. Get recommendations out of friends you know that have moved recently and ask them about their moving company. If you like what you hear, go to the company and see what kind of price they will offer you for the move to seal the deal. Otherwise you have to venture in searching for the proper company by researching every one of them in your area. You need to look for a company that has been around and has already done successful removals. Check their website and look for some credible-looking customer reviews, if they have such a section. Ask for a quote to see how much it will cost you. And don’t forget to ask to see their legal papers and their insurance company details. Just to be sure, you can even call the insurance company to confirm that everything is fine. This does take a while, but you have to look for the best movers in order to have a pleasant and safe time moving.

After you make your pick for a removal service, start packing. The main thing you need to do is have a moving checklist. You need to go around your house or flat, room by room, and put down on paper every single thing you plan on taking with you. Literally everything – do not miss a single item unless you want something to go missing during the trip. After the list is done, make a copy for the moving company employees – they also have to keep track of what they are loading, and when they are done loading, your lists must match, so be sure to do a checkup at the end.

For the actual packing, use boxes and not bags. Boxes are compact and can be arranged properly inside the removal van, so try to get as many as you can – you can ask your local shops if they have any extra ones they plan on throwing away, and take them instead. Use wrapping paper as well, since everything can break no matter how fragile. So try to wrap everything accordingly and place it in such a way that no damage could come to it. You should use bubble wraps even in boxes with books – if the road is a trying one, your books can have quite the rough time and the covers and pages might get scrunched up.

After you are done packing and think you have everything you need, you have to go through every room once again and double check everything. People forget things behind all the time and you need to be sure you have taken all essential things you need for your new home and not to have forgotten any vital items that you may need in the future. Better be safe than sorry.

Moving can be made quite difficult if you have a baby. In that case, you should take care of the baby’s room last so that you do not cause it unnecessary discomfort, otherwise you will have to deal through the whole packing with a lot of crying in the background. You should also pack while the baby is sleeping in a remote room – don’t worry, you can still inspect it with a baby monitor. You can entertain the child when doing the moving checklist, so that is not a problem, and you should not forget to take all of the baby’s toys – forget its favourite once and you will never hear the end of it.

Plan out everything for the move beforehand – make the moving checklist, pack safely, pick the moving company, supervise the loading of all your things, and even choose a route to your new home. Everything you have planned for ahead will make every step of the way much, much easier.

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