Is It Better To Invest In Solid Wood Furniture?

When furnishing your new home, or indeed replacing your existing items, is it better to invest in solid wood furniture or go for a cheaper option? We caught up with Priest Brothers to find out!

When it comes down to it,whether or not solid wood furniture is the best option for you really depends on the individual. Some people just don’t want to keep their furniture very long and are happy to buy the cheaper imitation version, whilst many will be equally happy to hold on to their good quality items for as long as possible.

At the end of the day, it really depends on your living arrangements and your financial situation. As an example, if you’re in the process of buying your first home, you’re unlikely to have budget available to spend on higher end solid wood furniture and may be forced into going for flat pack options, however if you’re already a home owner and are looking to do up a few rooms and want furniture which will last a lifetime, you’ve got to go with solid wood, no questions asked!

Mass Produced Furniture Simply Doesn’t Last

Imitation wood, or even mass produced veneered items are never going to last as long as expertly crafted pieces. The mass produced version is far more likely to have basic simple joints and plastic runners on the drawers which will wear and break with use. Compare that to an item produced by craftsmen who are skilled in their job which is going to have sturdy traditional joints that are designed to stand the test of time.

It Doesn’t Have The Same Character

Imitation wood furniture will also never have the same character as a piece of solid wood furniture either. The “veneer” will have a pattern repeat that is continued throughout the piece of furniture, unlike the solid wood version that will have a beautiful random grain that will enhance the item produced.

The Options Are Endless

As for the style of the furniture, solid wood furniture is not just limited to the traditional. You’ll find a whole range of styles available to meet your requirements, so if the item is required for a teenager’s bedroom, or perhaps even a young child you’ll find options open to you. Of course if the furniture is required for maybe a period property then you’ll also find a number of traditional styles as well to suite your needs.

There is however one thing certain; solid wood furniture will only improve as it ages, taking on a patina that enhances the item and its appearance. If budgets allow, we’d recommend you go for solid wood furniture every time. Whether that’s for a bed, a sideboard, chairs, a wardrobe or whatever; it’s simply a matter of fact that it’s the way to ensure the highest quality of furniture which will last a lifetime and not need to be replaced every few years as other types do!

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