Leaking Roof Repair Problems and Solutions

Roofing is a significant investment for many homeowners as it protects not only the structure of their valuable buildings but also their properties. So, it is vital that everyone takes great care of this investment. The best way to take care of the roofing structure is by finding causes that may lead to more a significant destruction to the roof.

Below are some problems that may result in roof leaks. Have a look and be aware of the possible problems that may cause your roof to leak as well as how you can easily handle them.

Leaking Roof Repair

  1. Damaged shingles

Shingles are a vital aspect in your roof since without them there is a possibility of the exposure of the wood underneath making the base of your roof to become weak in time. Shingles may get damaged due to poor installation, inferior material, inclement weather, or lack of proper maintenance. To solve the issue from defect shingles, inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles particularly where the leak is coming from. Straighten curved back shingles and use asphalt roof cement to reattach them back to the exposed edges.

  1. Cracked flashing

Roof flashings are installed with the sole purpose to make your roof watertight to prevent leakage, especially around the chimney area. Poor installation of this flashing is mostly the cause of cracking around the flashing area. When a roofer uses too little sealant, there is a possibility that the flashing will break due to severe weather or heavy rain. To solve this, consider repairing if the damage is not too big. However, if the damage cannot be repaired, remove the old cracked flashing and replace it with a new one.

  1. Clogged gutters

Gutters that do not allow easy flow of water from your roof after heavy rain may cause damage to your roof and fascia generated by water just lying on the rooftop. This is more likely to happen if water floods at your roof top due to lack of passage. However, the primary cause of this problem is the ignorance by homeowners who do not clean their gutters. The only solution to this is that you take the chance to inspect and clean your drain. You may note a reduction in water trickling down through your duct system after a heavy shower. This is a straightforward way to know that your gutters need cleaning.

  1. Poorly installed skylights

Leaks arising from the improper measuring and fitting of skylights are easy to spot as one can easily tell their source. If you regularly experience leaks emerging from the sides of your skylights, this is a direct sign that you need to inspect this window. The leaks may be from decayed padding around your skylights edges or cracking of the window. So, first get the real cause of the problem. If the leaks are due to cracks on the glass, seal the cracks or replace the window if unsealable. In the case of spoiled insulation, replace the padding.

  1. Shrinkage and cracking

Roof warping and detachment from the wood can cause a major problem in roof leaks. Solar heating and radioactive cooling are one of the leading causes of wrinkle cracking and splitting in roofs. The best solution to this issue is to include that shrinkage when designing the flashing of your roof. Therefore, take some time to analyze the perimeter of the ceiling accommodating the shrinkage in your plan. Besides, make sure that you get a roofer who can inspect your roofs for any reduction on a regular basis.

Note that most of the problems associated with roof leaks are avoidable by hiring a professional roofer. So, take your time to scan for an appropriately certified and qualified contractor to do your roofing and offer you advice on the means to avoid roof leakages.

Source: Roofing Contractors in Michigan

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