Life Made Easier For Hot Tub And Spa Owners

Part of the joy of owning a hot tub or spa is the relaxation you can experience from using it regularly. However, you’ll want this relaxed state to last as long as possible so why spoil it with a lack of accessories or items that can make life easier for you? There’s a few affordable and easy to use accessories available which can make the whole world of difference when it comes to getting the ultimate relaxation in your hot tub or spa and we’ve teamed up with to take a look at just a few of these!

Consider A Cover Lifter

Keeping the heat in your hot tub is a priority for most people unless you don’t mind wasting money, but hauling the cover back in place( particularly if your hot tub is one of the larger models) can undo the good work and spoil that relaxed state you were in. A far better option would be to purchase perhaps an Aqua Lift Roller which needs no assembly only a screwdriver to fix it to the spa. It folds up behind the cabinet when not in use and certainly makes light work of removing and replacing the cover.

If you want to go for a slightly different model then why not try the Covermate 2 instead? Designed to fix low down on your hot tub or spa it will give a less obstructed view whilst in the water. It comes as standard with a towel rail that will hold up to three towels within easy reach as well.

If your hot tub happens to be round instead, then the Covermate Freestyle could be the best option for you. The adjustable mounting base slides beneath the spa and it works on any spa up to 43 inches tall and 95 inches wide.

Easy Access With A Specialist Set Of Steps

Make access to your hot tub easier by purchasing a new set of steps. Smart Steps are constructed with non slip rubber steps which are soft under foot and can safely take weight up to 700 pounds or more. They are suitable for use with both round and square spas and come with the option of fitting Smart Drawers which are sold separately.

Above all else, do your own research and know what it would take for you to relax that little bit better in your hot tub! For some people, that means, as above, purchasing a cover lifter so they don’t have to manually lift the cover back on after they’ve finished relaxing whilst for others, it means something as simple as having lovely smelling fragrances which help them to calm down and enjoy themselves. Whatever works best for you, you can be sure to find a suitable accessory and with many available at fantastic prices online, you won’t have to break the bank for the ultimate in relaxation either! Win win all round!

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