A List of the Best Essential Oils for Pregnancy

For those who enjoy the continuous use of essential oils in their life, you might be wondering what the best essential oils for pregnancy may be. At such a specific time of our lives, it helps to know if whether we using products like essential oils – could be causing major issues.

Anyone who wishes to give their family the best quality of life possible should be looking at what essential oils are acceptable during pregnancy to use, and what can be construed as dangerous.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

If you love the many benefits of using different essentials oils then you don’t have to give up. Below is a list of some of the best solutions that you can use if you want to have essential oils for pregnancy. This should help you keep that beautiful scent in the house with ease, avoiding a reduction in your quality of life.


The most common essential oil to be used during pregnancy is probably eucalyptus. This brilliant solution is something to use when you feel you can’t get a breath. Respiratory congestion is a common problem, and you can help to alleviate the circumstances by using this essential oil.

This also works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral product, helping you stay as healthy as possible during your pregnancy.


You can only use lavender during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. For that period of time, though, it acts in a great way to relieve the pain. It can also reduce water retention, and give you a sense of calmness.

Remember, tension and always worrying during pregnancy puts you and the little one in danger. Make sure you use lavender to help you through those early weeks and keep the mental condition peaceful and calm as you begin your journey into pregnancy.

Tea Tree Oil

Another common solution, tea tree oils are great during pregnancy but avoid using tea tree oil during labor. This is dangerous, but outside of labor, it’s not. You can use this as an anti-fungal and antiviral solution that will help to make sure you feel calmer and more comfortable during the pregnancy itself.

Ylang Ylang

This comically named solution is one of the finest to combat blood pressure oriented problems. This is a great way to help you reduce stress, and really works as a good all-rounder. Good to have to help set a mood of tranquility at all times.


Oils from orange can be a great way to get down the correct route during pregnancy, too. Using orange essential oils for pregnancy means that you can feel calmer and more uplifted in general. This oil helps greatly with making sure you can rest and relax during what is a very trying time for the body.

Remember to check with a trusted medical professional, preferably the doctor dealing with your pregnancy, before using any essential oils for pregnancy. What is listed here is generally safe, but a bit of extra planning and preparation with your doctor has never hurt anyone!

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