Looking For The Best Anti-Aging Serum? 3 Ingredients You Must Look Out For

The number one question from women in their 40s is which products they can use to fix their sagging skin, remove the fine lines around their eyes and brighten their dull complexion. While Botox, fillers, laser and liposuction work best to turn back the hands of time, sometimes these options are not available for everyone.

Luckily, you can get an anti-aging serum or cream to help you recapture your youthful skin if you do not want to go under the knife. However, with a gazillion products to choose from, how do you know which is the right product for you? The beauty industry is bigger than ever. Add questionable marketing tactics into the mix, and you have a very confused customer.

You just cannot afford to trust some of the claims marketers throw around, not even if your skin depended on it. Just because a product promises a tighter jawbone or magical disappearance of wrinkles doesn’t mean it is the right product for you.

There are several ingredients you have to look out for when buying skin products. These ingredients have a proven track record of making skin look and feel younger. Their track record has no blemish, and you are better off looking out for them before putting a skincare product in your shopping cart.

Structured Energized Water

In a study reported by Elle Magazine, dry skin was found to be the biggest cause of wrinkles. The study showed that dry skin more than doubled the rate at which wrinkles develop. The implication is that a 25-year-old with dry skin has a 52 percent chance of developing wrinkles by the time she is 30.A woman of the same age, but with well-hydrated skin, has a 22 percent chance.

Regardless of age, it is important to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. Using products with structured energized water has the transitory outcome of plumping up the dermis as well as a longer lasting result of keeping the skin supple and resistant to the inevitable burrowing in of lines.


As close relatives of Vitamin A, retinoids are used in medicine because of the way they normalize epithelial cell growth. That is to say, retinoids increase the cell turnover deep inside your skin. Dermatologists agree that products with retinoid are the most efficient anti-aging serums available in the market today.

Regular use of retinoids results in a smooth dermis complexion since they stimulate the growth of collagen and prevent skin cells from breaking down. If you have fine lines on your face, products with retinoid prevent these lines from turning into deep furrows.

The retinoid may vary in strength depending on the anti-aging serum you are using. However, products with strong retinoids are not sold over the counter; you need a prescription and insurance to buy one. Typically, insurance does not cover anti-aging creams, so you are better off with a product with a mild retinoid strength.


Unstable oxygen molecules caused by pollution, sun rays and stress are not your skin’s friend. These unstable radicals kill healthy skin cells and hinder collagen growth, causing wrinkles. To fight these radicals, use a serum that has antioxidants every morning. Antioxidants work by bonding with the free radicals, preventing them from damaging your skin.


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