Next Trend in Beauty: Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Most people aren’t born with perfect eyebrows. There are a lot of things that need to happen before an eyebrow is considered perfect such as the right amount of plucking, the shape, how defined it is, the fullness, and that the brow fits the person’s face. No two eyebrows are ever going to be the same (they’re sisters, not twins!) for you or for anyone else. It is also a highly personal preference when deciding how you want your brows to look. Eyebrows define a person’s face. They can express feelings without words and say a lot about the person behind them. Many people are realizing the incredible importance that eyebrows have on their appearance and will go to desperate measures to get the perfect eyebrows.

Pencils, pomades, powders, what next? There are thousands of beauty products that claim to produce the perfect brow for the beholder. People will go to great lengths by using a multitude of products to achieve this look and some still don’t get the results they desire. Pencils, pomades, and powders, the most common products that people use to change the appearance of their eyebrows, are difficult to use and have a fairly large learning curve. On top of that, they don’t last long. After a couple of hours, your brows might be gone and dramatically change the affect of your beauty regimen. People who have no luck with these products have turned to tattooing on their eyebrows which can be painful and costly and often still looks unnatural. With such great lengths being taken to get the perfect eyebrow, you’d think that a product would have come out sooner to fix this growing problem.

WUNDER2 makes a product called WUNDERBROW which is in a category of it’s own. WUNDERBROW gives people semi permanent eyebrows! That’s right, semi permanent. Say goodbye to brows that last for a few hours or even a day. Apply WUNDER2 WUNDERBROW semi permanent eyebrows and have results that last for days on end. There are no need for any other products when you have WUNDERBROW. It combines the benefits of a pencil, a pomade, and a powder into one easy-to-use spoolie applicator that helps give everyone the perfect eyebrow.

WUNDERBROW is a one-step application that gives natural yet defined eyebrows to the user. It is designed to fill, define, and shape your natural eyebrows and also give natural looking color to better highlight them as a feature. Eyebrows that are thin or sparse will benefit greatly from WUNDERBROW’s unique hair fiber complex. WUNDERBROW features a formula of hair-like fibers that combine with color pigment that are designed to cling onto your natural eyebrow hair. It is flexible yet long lasting and still looks completely natural.

So maybe you weren’t born with perfect eyebrows, but you can change that now with WUNDER2’s product WUNDERBROW semi permanent eyebrows. Define your face with your eyebrows that are perfectly shaped, defined, and colored using the one-step system that WUNDERBROW offers. You can purchase WUNDERBROW from WUNDER2’s webpage ( and find out more about how it works by visiting

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