People Should Exercise Their Right to Vote

There are always many stories regarding the lack of voter turnout every four years when there is a presidential election. It is a troubling fact that millions of legal citizens of the United States do not exercise their right to vote in local, state or federal elections. They also do not vote on various issues that have a large impact on the area where they are living. There has been much debate about why this is the case.

Studies have shown that some people are just fed up with the government and do not want to have any part in the election process. Other people believe that politicians are all basically the same. Therefore, it does not matter which ones they vote for. Basically, these people do not believe their vote will matter because politicians from either party are interchangeable. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you should exercise your right to vote.

  1. Millions of people around the world would love to have the opportunity to vote.

The right to vote is something that millions of people do not have in countries all around the world. For example, the citizens of North Korea would surely like the opportunity to decide who their leader will be. However, they are forced to live in a country where they are ruled by a dictator. Citizens in Cuba were in the same situation for more than 50 years when they were forced to live under the leadership of Fidel Castro. There are many other similar cases throughout history. Therefore, a person who lives in a democracy should take advantage of his or her right to vote. A vote is a precious gift that should not be thrown away or wasted.

  1. Many people have fought and died for the right to vote.

The United States was founded by men who did not want to live in England under the rule of a king any longer. This is why they traveled to a new land across the ocean and started a new country that would be a democracy and have elected government officials. The Revolutionary War was a bloody conflict in which many people died. The primary reason those brave men gave their lives is because they wanted religious freedom and the ability to choose their own leaders. People who can vote should do so because people more than two centuries ago died to give them that right.

  1. Women fought hard for the right to vote.

The United States was officially formed in 1776. It seems hard to believe that women were not legally given the right to vote until the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was successfully added in 1920. This includes white women. It was a very long and hard struggle for women to get the right to vote. Women who were alive before 1920 would have done anything to have the chance to participate in the election of politicians. Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho believes it is every American citizen’s responsibility to vote. Crapo started voting when he was 18. Women today should appreciate the enormous amount of time women were not allowed to vote in this country. They might then start to realize what a tremendous gift the right to vote truly is.

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