How to Reach For the Trendiest Wedding Band That Can Make You Proud

The focus of attention for wedding rings hovers around brides only with grooms giving the least attention to the jewelry they wear. Well, it used to be true till not very long ago but the picture has changed nowadays. Grooms are now equally interested in the style and design of wedding rings or wedding bands that have found a place in the list of male fashion accessory. Grooms are not to be left behind any more in drawing attention. This has ushered in new trends in men’s fashion. The rise in the demand for men’s wedding rings has gained more impetus with gay marriages becoming a fad. More men are inclined to shop for stylish wedding rings that display class and taste.

It is not be very difficult for men to get updated about the latest trends and styles. It is also easy to gather information about the various metals that are most popular nowadays for making rings. The latest trends in male rings have been summarized below.

Wedding Band

Wedding rings are special

Looking from the perspective of men, there was nothing much special about wedding rings. It was more of wearing the ring as a ritual and part of culture. Not much attention was paid to it. Brides use to hog the limelight, they still do it but for rings, men have begun to change their attitude and take share of the honors in adoring the ring of their choice. They have now shed the age old approach of one size fits all and have turned towards personalized wedding rings.

Durability and comfort

The outlook for wedding band manufacturers have also changed with the emerging trend of personalizing wedding rings for men. They are taking into consideration various professions that men are engaged in and have started to manufacture rings from more durable metals that are also comfortable to wear. Good looks and affordability are also considerations that have made manufacturers more innovative in designing rings for men. Rings are now being ergonomically designed to increase the comfort in continuous wearing. The inner surfaces are being curved for more comfort. Metals like Titanium and Tungsten are preferred for long life and maintaining scratch free looks.

Turning towards Platinum

There is an increased tendency to move towards Platinum in making rings for men as you can view at It helps to enhance the style quotient by adding luxury and class to rings that can outlive your expectations in terms of durability. And it would also match perfectly with the Platinum jewelry of brides and make the couple look more closely bound by the metal that stays for life. It is a perfect made for each other choice.

Dazzling with diamonds

Wedding bands for men are now being designed with diamonds that used to be the choice for brides only. Diamonds have unified wedding bands and have added more glitz to wedding rings worn by men. Wedding rings look gorgeous and classy with selected application of diamonds that prevents it from looking too flashy and pronounced. Even the most subtle design can be made to look resplendent with diamonds placed on it in the most elegant manner.

Paying attention to size

As the attitude towards wedding rings for men has changed, all other aspects beyond design, style and choice of metals are now being considered with due seriousness. It is no more a compulsion for men to wear wedding rings; it is now more of a choice. This has highlighted the necessity of making rings comfortable to wear. The ring has to fit well to display its elegance. A loose fit can increase the risks of losing the ring that might slip out from the finger without being noticed. A tight fitting ring can be so uncomfortable that it cannot be worn at all. In order to get away from such extreme conditions that might fail the purpose of wearing rings, knowing the right size is extremely important.

Standard of measurement

Measurements of the finger have to be taken in order to ascertain the ring size that is right for you. There are standards of measurement that is followed. The measurement of the inside circumference of the ring corresponds to a specific number on the measurement chart. Telling the jeweler about the number is good enough to make him understand about the size that you need. The U.S. chart for ring measurement ranges from no. 5 to 14 and there is a measurement available for each midpoint between consecutive numbers. Thus there are 19 sizes that are available in the chart. Every number mentioned in the chart corresponds to the respective inner circumference of the ring. 5 corresponds to 49.34 mm circumference and 5.5 corresponds to 50.6 mm. The numbers in the chart progress in a similar manner with 14 corresponding to 72.6 mm.

Taking measurements

It is interesting to know that there is a certain time during the day that is best for taking the correct finger measurements. Our body parts keep expanding and contracting at different times of the day. Measurement of the fingers is best taken during the late evening and night in normal temperature conditions. Too much cold environment can make fingers shrink in circumference. Take measurements of fingers on both hands separately as even the same fingers on both hands can have different measurements.

Width of rings

For comfort in wearing the width or thickness of rings is also very important. The width of the ring though not directly related to ring size, impacts the comfort in wearing it. The width is also important from the design perspective. Wider rings look quite imposing and impressive. Although the width is an artistic choice it should not compromise with the comfort in wearing. Too much width can make rings overlap on the knuckles and make it very uncomfortable to use the finger for working. It can prevent you from flexing the finger joint that you would not like.

Use the information to select the ring of your choice that you would be proud to adore for the rest of your life.

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