Roof Cleaning Cost 2017

You must know why you should clean your roof. Most of the people think that cleaning will only give the roof a better look. However, if you don’t clean your roof often, it could cause some problems. That’s why; you will need a perfect roof cleaning service for this purpose.

The cost of such services totally depends on the area, roof type, and cleaning type. Some cleaning types are complex and need more time as compared to the simple ones. Therefore you will be charged more in the case of such roof cleanings.

As mentioned above, the cost depends on the cleaning type. The material of the roof is considered well while describing the total cost of a cleaning.

Roof Cleaning Cost

Ceramic tiles roof cleaning cost

Ceramic tiles are very popular in some areas of the USA and its surroundings. This type of roof is exquisite and charming, but it cannot stop dust particles. After some time, it will collect a lot of dust and will become dull.

The cost of such roof cleaning is between $200-450. This is low as compared to other because it is simple and consumes less time. However, the cost can change according to the area and company.

Concrete tiles roof cleaning cost

Concrete tiles are mostly used in the areas of heavy rain. But if they have a lot of moss or some kind of fungus, you will have to implement a chemical cleaning on it.

A chemical cleaning costs more than traditional water cleaning. If you are going to remove moss and fugues with chemical, you will be averagely charged between $350 and $600.

Slate roof cleaning cost

Slate is also used as most of the roofs and building materials. It is made of natural material and has a less capability to absorb dust particles in it.

However, too much dust or rain can harm the material, and some fungus can take place on it. The average price of such roofs is the US is $400. You can select a local company to get such services at low prices too.

Source: Roofing contractors in Livingston county Michigan

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