Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom is one place of one’s home that should be uniquely elegant and good looking, it is that unique space that makes one feel refreshed every day after a hard day’s labor. One might not know how important a bathroom is until you find yourself in a totally bad place and you need to use a bathroom that you do not only know about but is one unhygienic to be in it. The bathroom should be clean and hygienic, feel and look beautiful and spacious. This is because the significance of a bathroom is not only easing or cleaning yourself but also unwinding and having that one clean space for refreshing.

However, having a small size bathroom size sometimes compromises on the beauty and elegant look of one’s bathroom. This is because of the storage space of the bathroom. Bathrooms need good storage of all toiletries and with a small bathroom, this becomes challenging. There are just a few basic tip or ideas that can turn one’s small bathroom storage to looking bigger and well kept.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Under the sink storage spaces

In most bathrooms, under the sick, you will always find open wasted spaces. This means that one should have a storage cabinet designed right for the wasted space under the sink to keep some of the small size toiletries.

Don’t place anything on the counter-tops

Well, the moment you place something on the bathroom counter maybe some tissues or your clothes, they often make the bathroom look smaller and clumsy.

Adding storage shelves

Another way of creating storage space in your bathroom in a neat way is adding more shelves on top of the existing ones with the same material the first one were built in for uniformity. While doing this maintain the elegant interior design of the bathroom.

Free the floor space

It is advisable to have the bathroom floor free of any dumping of clothes or placing of any baskets on the floor. Small bathrooms storage ideas need to point to placing things above the ground for the purposes of beauty and spacious feeling.

Beauty toilet tissues store space

With a good designer, well-cubed shelves that extend from the floor to the ceiling may not only give a good storage capability but an elegant attractive design for the small spaced bathroom.

Hidden storage

Most of the bathroom interior cabinets are designed with lockable doors. The idea of hidden storage is simply the forgotten space behind the cabinet doors. This space can hold some racks and hooks for hanging small powdering accessories, brushes, extra soaps among others.

Mirrored cabinet

It is quite amazing how much mirrors can transform a small bathroom storage space that makes the bathroom look smaller into looking bigger and more spacious. The mirror does the magic when used in building the cabinet. This helps to create cabinets and yet maintain the spacious look of a small bathroom.

Hanging storage

There is so much beauty in hanging baskets as storage for some of one’s toiletries. The hanging baskets should have a well-vanished finishing to create that touch of class and elegance while enhancing the overall beauty of a spacious looking bathroom.

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