Spring Clean Your Self Storage Unit Today

Self storage units can easily become messy over time. It’s good to keep them organised so you get the best possible use out of them, here are some tips to help you get started.

Self storage units can easily become messy, unorganised and pretty chaotic over time. When you hold a self storage unit for a long time, it becomes easy to simply add and remove items regularly without ever really paying attention to the overall space. Afterall, it’s not part of your home, so why care about how it looks?

However, there will come a time when you trip over one item too many and decide that enough is enough – it’s time for a self storage unit spring clean. But when that time comes, how do you approach such a mammoth task?

Well, the first thing to remember is that everyone is different. You may already have an approach that works for you, but the chances are, if you’re reading an article looking for tips on giving your unit a spring clean – you’ve got no idea where to start!

Here are the best tips from a Bedford self storage provider for giving your self storage unit a spring clean:

Be Prepared

Don’t turn up without any bin liners, labels or any other cleaning/ organising equipment you might need. The last thing you want is to turn up gung-ho ready for a big clean only to find you’ve got to nip straight back out again to get equipment – seize the moment you’ve got the time and energy to do this and come prepared!

Be Brutal

Spare no time in ditching all of the stuff in the unit you simply don’t want any more. You probably know what that is. Perhaps there’s a box you put all the unwanted items in, or one of the unit corners has become a fast track destination for random rubbish. Whatever the stuff is, get it bagged or boxed up and ready to go in the bin or to a charity shop.

Be Precise

Unfortunately, once the easy bit is out of the way and you’ve got rid of all the stuff in and around the unit you know needs to go, you then have to get knee deep in all the boxes and bags that are sealed. If you’re looking around you and seeing loads of containers with no labels on – take note – this is a firm reminder to label everything you put in the unit in future, to save yourself reliving this experience! Take the process one box at a time, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, and make sure you finish sorting the box you’re on completely out before you move on to the next one – it’s easy to get distracted when you’re dealing with items you haven’t seen in a long time!


After you have sorted out a few boxes you probably feel like you’re making progress, and that’s great! However, now is not the time to have a well deserved cup of tea! As much as you might deserve a break, you must keep the momentum up otherwise you might find you lose the energy to go back to the job after you’ve stopped for a short while.

Remember that the more organised your self storage is, the more use you will get from it. You’re paying money for it, so it’s worth making the most of every square foot! Stay focused and persevere and you’ll have a fresh, clean self storage unit before you know it!

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