Strength and Fitness Tips for People With Grandchildren

Having an awesome body is something that we all want. Life would be so much easier if we had all been born with perfect genetics. No more gyms, no more diets and no more clothes that don’t fit. Sadly we all have to work in one-way or another to get our bodies to look how we want them to. Like it or not, our bodies require that we actively stay conditioned, it’s vital to our health.

As we get older, it becomes much more difficult to stay in shape. Healthy aging becomes more important to us as we want to have a great quality of life going into our golden years.So whether your goal is to maintain strength or you just want to live a healthier life, here are some tips that will help you give back to your goals.

Free weights

Free weights are arguably the best source of muscle building and they are not just for the younger generation. Using free weights (even 2 – 5 lbs weights) helps isolate your stabilizer muscles which help increase functional strength. A slow concentrated movement is ideal for free weights because it breaks down the muscle without just tearing them apart. Most athletes, bodybuilding advocates and fitness gurus prefer free weights over machines because of the stability-strength you gain. Something to keep in mind when using free weights is, whenever possible use a spotter.

Weight Machines

Just because you may have grandchildren, grandpa, doesn’t mean strength training is no longer for you. Weight machines help target good form and prepare you for free weights. Instead of focusing on your stability with free weights, weight machines encourage more focus on the exercise itself. Machines are also convenient, its not uncommon to see people at the gym getting a full work out while still being able to watch tv. Take advantage of getting your body conditioned with machines so you will be ready for free weights.

Fitness endurance and weight loss

From a woman’s stand point huge muscle aren’t the most persuasive attribute to getting fit. Aerobics, yoga, pilates are all key elements in a woman’s weight loss and in her transition to being fit. Aerobics is a cycle of physical conditioning put in place to increase the respiratory and circulatory efficiency in the body. Men and women abroad use this to lose weight, stay in shape and take years off the way they look and feel. Most gyms have aerobics classes, but you can also buy a workout video and do it in the comfort of your own home. Yoga’s primary focus is on having complete control over your body’s energy through stretching and holding these stretches without discomfort.

Having control of your body helps free yourself from hunger, grief and other emotions that tend to induce over eating. Pilates on the other hand trains you to use the mind to control your muscles. The primary focus is on core posture and having strong balance, which in return builds on the muscles that support the spine and core strength.

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