Support The Spine With The Mattresses From Saatva!

Having trouble with sleep is probably the most disturbing disorder one can suffer from. Whether it is because stress in your daily life or continuous back ache, a good sleep has the power to heal and make a person wake up refreshed. And what truly complements a good sleep at night is a good and comfortable sleeping mattress.

Body ache, lower back ache and sleeplessness can be caused if a person sleeps on mattress that does not offer good support to the body. While choosing a mattress, it is important to understand a person’s preference (whether a soft or firm mattress), sleeping positions and how the person uses the pillow. Since not all types of mattresses can suit a person, there are certain factors that makes a mattress suitable for almost all kinds of people.

Finding a mattress that gives proper support to the back and spine while sleeping is important. One should check if the mattress is able to provide a good posture while lying on the mattress. Some of us prefer a firm mattress but if it is too hard, it may cause tension in the back and other pressure points. People sleeping on the side need a firmer mattress while people suffering from chronic back ache may find it difficult to sleep on a firm mattress.

When it comes to choosing the perfect mattress that will take care of all kinds of problems related to spine and back or chronic insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns, there is no need to look anywhere except Saatva. True to the meaning of the word, truth, Saatva mattress provides different types of mattresses as per the requirement of the person. The available choices include plush, extra firm and plush firm with Euro Top on the surface.

The most important reason for picking up a mattress from Saatva is the use of different technologies to build the perfect mattress for any person. Saatva offers products that use cutting edge sleep technology and the materials used are of ultra-premium quality to make it a comfortable mattress that guarantees all the support to the body requires.

The diversified foam layering system used to build the mattresses gives the extra support to the mid area of the mattress. The cushioning in this area is pre-compressed to remove any kind of breakdown and offer extra support. In addition to this, a layer of visco-elastic memory foam is also added that gives extra pressure relief to the body parts with the major pressure points. This system, overall, increases the comfort level and thus, improves the quality of sleep.

Saatva is highly recommended by medical experts for patients with chronic joint pain or pain especially in hip bone and back. While lying on the bed, the mattress contours the back of the body and provides cushioning. If the mattress does not have proper pillow top, the firmness of the mattress may end up hurting the back further. The euro pillow top in the Saatva mattress are designed to give the perfect style of contouring to the body along with providing required support to the spinal zone.

It is because of technically advanced and medically supported features like these that make Saatva a ultra-premium quality of mattress manufacturer and is being preferred by more and more customers.

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