The Most Popular Upgrades People Want for their Dream Homes

There are three central influences for major dream home upgrades or renovations: curb appeal, value-added home investment, and necessity. Here are the top three dream home upgrade and renovation ideas for each category on the list!

The decision to upgrade or renovate one’s home is not always a laborious decision. Sometimes necessity is the mother of influence when it comes to outfitting our homes with the latest upgrades. However in any case, one upgrade will often lead to many others because a home renovation is such a large undertaking.

In any case, when there’s a necessity of an upgrade in the works for one’s own home, chances are there is going to be a couple extra property value increasing upgrades mixed in too. And then of course, how can we forget curb appeal? How will anyone know we upgraded our home without curb appeal? What will the Joneses think?

Alright, so let’s take it from the top. If necessity is the mother of all invention and influence, let’s look at what common must-upgrade home renovations are on the list before you enlist the skills of your local drafting services Perth.

These first suggestions hit all the nails on the head; they increase home value, they’re always necessary, and they can often lead to additional purchases that create some curb appeal. For the most part, we focus on maintenance with these top 2:

  1. Wiring – For safety, modern best practices, or simply to be able to run heavier (or lighter, more energy-efficient) appliances, wiring may be a necessity that needs to be upgraded before long. Common add-ons that come with wiring include new appliances, light fixtures, and even plumbing while you’re sending contractors into your walls and ceilings.
  1. Plumbing – Over time the location of rooms may change, new plumbing may be required to add a new bathroom, and so on. Plumbing can create opportunities for new appliances as well, like water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and even adding new rooms or energy efficient geo-thermal tubing.

Alright, now with those doozies under our belts, let’s look at some of the most value-added home upgrades that can add value to your biggest asset!

  1. Kitchen renovations – A sure-fire way to add value to your home, a new kitchen is probably the most sought after home upgrade on the market. It makes living in your home more fulfilling, and increases your home equity.
  1. Bathroom renovations – Another top notch way to enhance the equity in your home, a bathroom renovation can go a long way to add another zero to that home valuation.
  1. Outdoor landscaping and decking – Definitely a way to add curb appeal, adding a new deck or roof from Feller Roofing, and sprucing up the land around your home will also add equity to your home while making it much more liveable all year around.
  1. Adding a new room – The addition of a new living space or bathroom within your home can greatly increase your home equity in addition to creating a new possible revenue stream. A fully functional apartment in a part of your house you rarely spend time in today can become a way to pay for your mortgage tomorrow.
  1. Adding a sprinkler system – Yes, we live in times of water scarcity, but it appears as though home appraisers and banks seem to care little and consider a sprinkler system a great way to increase the equity of your home. It may not seem logical, but it sure is a great way to make your home worth more money.

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