Tin Ceilings Make for an Eye Catching Decor

Most of the ceilings that we see are plain, white, and dull. This is why they hardly ever stand out. However, when you cover it with the panels made of metal and decked with patterns you create something very eye-catching for the visitors. Tin ceiling has been in use since the late 19th century. However, they have not been very popular. This is not because they are not good. The reason is that people want to stick to the norms. Tin ceiling panels are quite affordable and instantly upgrade the appearance of the room.

Tin is not just a decorative element when added to the ceiling. It is also for some utilities. For instance, it is highly fire-resistant and thus provides protection against fire. But modern house construction involves many other fire prevention measures. This is why this particular utility is normally rendered useless. The use of tin is primarily reduced to serving the cosmetic purposes only.

In the beginning, only the steel panels were used for the ceilings. However, steel was prone to rusting and thus manufacturers began to use tin plating over still. This is how the tin ceiling tiles or panels were created. Although the ceilings are still made of steel, the tin plating gives them the name ‘tin ceiling.’ Today you can choose from a number of colours and finishes. The installation of a tin ceiling panel is also quite easy these days. This is some good news for the DIY enthusiasts.

Tin ceilings are primarily made of three components:

  • Field Panels: These panels are used at the centre of the ceiling.
  • Filler: Fillers, as the name suggests, work as fillers. They create a low-key border around the panels. They also connect the panels with the cornice.
  • Cornice: Cornice is used to complete the ceiling. They are there to allow the transition of the panels to the wall from the ceiling.

Things to know about tin ceilings

Cost: Tin ceiling panels are indeed quite cheap. At the same time they look quite aesthetic. You can find a tin panel as cheap as $2 per sq ft. However, these are only the most basic panels that are unfinished. Therefore, they provide a very raw look. If you are looking for something more ornate, with better finish then it may still not cost you more than $20 per sq ft.

Installation: It is safe to say that these ceilings are quite DIY friendly. But to do it yourself you will need the patience. You will also need to be quite careful. Tine ceiling panels are indeed quite easy to install. However, if you want to get the work done quickly, you will require a professional.

Finishes: There are number of options available as far as the finish is concerned. You can also go for the unfinished panel if you want the minimal and rather raw look. You can also choose from brass plating, clear polyurethane, or factory painted finish.

Applications: Tin panels are perfect for ceilings. However, they can be used for other purposes as well. For instance, you can use them for backsplashes, cabinets, wainscoting, and more.

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