Tips on Exterior Wood Siding Panels

Exterior wood siding panels offer and distinctive aesthetic appearance to your home, whether you chose that type of siding or the house was built that way. Regardless, it is important that you maintain and upkeep the wood siding panels, as rain, wind storms and other elements of nature can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home.

First and foremost, dirt exists in the air. It is in the rain, pollen falls from trees, and dust is waiting to be released from the clouds. With microscopic size particles of dust around us at all times, it is no wonder that the wood panels of your home would accumulate dirt and dust along with moisture. After a while, these accumulations calls visible stains and discoloration that should be addressed once they are seen. Otherwise, you run the risk of running into bigger problems.

Exterior Wood Siding Panels

Exterior Wood Siding Panels

For that reason, it is a good practice for a property owner to perform an external cleaning of their home each year. Nothing more than soapy, warm water and a brush with soft bristles is needed, as the dirt accumulation should be relatively easy to remove from the wood or painted surface. After the washing, be sure to rents the surface off thoroughly in order to prevent re-accumulation right away but avoid over soaking the material as you do not want the wood to soak up the moisture.

In the case that the stain is dark, almost black, and appears spotty, the discoloration may actually be mold or mildew growth. This type of bacterial growth must be treated with a solution of one part bleach diluted with four parts of water. Because spores from mildew or growth bacteria can become airborne and attach to your body. It is vital that you wear protective goggles and gloves, and other clothing in order to protect yourself during the cleaning process. You also want to protect your plants, as not only can the spores peculiar plants, the cleaning solution can as well. Again, after the cleaning process, it is important that you rents away all residue without soaking the wood material.

Because exterior wood siding panels are assembled using nails, there is a chance you may see vertical streaks as well as splotches of black which would indicate that the nails have begun to oxidize and rust. This is usually caused when the nail or screw was not galvanized prior to installation and the metal of the nail comes in contact with water that forms untreated moisture. In order to remove oxidized stains, prepare a cleaning solution made of 4 ounces of oxalic acid and one cup of warm water. Use this mixture to scrub away the stains, and rents when finished.

Exterior wood siding panels are in attractive and low-cost option, but it does require some maintenance and upkeep. Once you are aware of the different types of issues that you may run into, and the way to remedy those problems, you can rest assured that’s your wood siding panels will last for years to come. While you may have to replace a board here or there, for the most part, you will experience a long-lasting appearance that is easily maintained and distinctive in its appearance.

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