Top 5 Things to Do in Lake Como

If you are one of those people who is planning to have a holiday vacation in Italy, then for sure you consider basing yourself in the famous Lake Como. This amazing destination, located in the Lombardy region, claims some immeasurably rewarding trails and wonderful towns to see.

Lake Como

Here are the top 5 things to do in Lake Como:

  1. Explore Rewarding Routes

One of the main reasons for picking suite Lake Como for your walking trip is the incredibly rewarding routes it’s home too. You will find a lot of trails here, which pose a bit of a challenge, providing you an opportunity to stretch and explore different incredible views, which many visitors would otherwise miss.

  1. Discover a Combination of Historical and Little Known Paths

Another wonderful thing about a great activity holiday here at Lake Como is that you will discover a combination of historical and little-known paths. Certainly, the trails include smuggler’s pathways and pilgrimage routes, along with their rich culture making your journey more fun and exciting.

Among the ancient trails, you will follow the pilgrim’s trail in Leno. This arduous route is littered with many twists and turns and scattered with chapels before you arrive in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Santuario Soccorso. Then, you will walk along the mountain route dating back the twelfth century to get to the isolated Abbey of San Benedetto. Located high in a valley, this place is perfect for a picnic spot.

  1. Go Mountain Climbing

Another great thing about Lake Como is its astonishing alpine views. When you walk here, you can embark on some great mountain routes, exploring unforgettable and amazing vistas, which a lot of tourists miss out on.

  1. Wander in Pretty Villages, Towns, and Cities

It’s not just historical walks that you need to look forward to as Lake Como also plays host to some great attractive villages, towns, and cities. One of them is Como that is known to be the home to an amazing old city where you can explore before embarking on a walk above it. Meanwhile, Bellagio is celebrated for its scenic promenade and the charismatic villages it’s home to that are situated in the hills. Such are worth seeking out as they boast small farms, which trade locally-made produce products like cheese and honey.

  1. Experience Taxi-Boat Varenna

Taxi-Bat Varenna is a kind of service that provides the chance of going out on long or short trips from Varenna to several attractions on Lake Como. George’s Tour refers to the trip that will take guests from Varenna, past the villages dotting the shoreline and throughout the villa of George Clooney in Laglio. The best thing about this activity is that the boatman will offer you helpful suggestions as to where to have your meal and other must-see attractions and must-do activities.

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