Want to Rent a Storage Container? Here’s What Not to Do

A lot of people look into renting storage containers. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing businesses in our nation. Storage container rental is perfect for people or businesses who are out of space, but don’t want to get rid of their belongings. While inside the container, your belongings will be perfectly safe, protected from vandals, weather, and more. You do, however, have to make sure that do your research before you rent a container. Here are five things not to do.

  1. Don’t Settle for Less Space

You have to know what size container you are looking for. You should be able to speak to the rental company about your needs, and they should be able to advise you in terms of what will work best. Yet, many people end up choosing something slightly smaller than the recommendation (because it’s often cheaper), and then end up cramming it full. Don’t do this, because you could damage your belongings.

  1. Don’t Miss Out on Good Features

Every extra you add to your container costs money, of course. Hence, it is all too easy to not ask for extras. However, features can be important. Perhaps you are storing perishable items, in which case you will need to have climate control, for instance. You may also want some extra security features, particularly if you store valuables. Remember that you get what you pay for.

  1. Don’t Get a Damaged Container

If you compare the market and find container rental that is substantially cheaper than others you have found, you can almost guarantee that those containers are damaged. Some people purchase old shipping containers and set up their own storage facilities, because it is such a lucrative business. However, if the container is damaged, it may be cheap, but your belongings won’t be safe either. Avoid.

  1. Don’t Rent the First Container You See

Because the container industry is so large, you have plenty of opportunity to shop around and find the best possible value for money. That is not necessarily the cheapest price, as you will probably understand by now. Have a look at three to five rental companies, looking at their products, service, price, features, and quality. Don’t decide on the spot either, but think about things.

  1. Don’t Sign on the Dotted Line Straight Away

Once you have found your container of choice, you will have to sign a contract. Don’t just blindly sign it, however. Read the terms and conditions that should be made available to you (go elsewhere if not), and see whether there is room for negotiation. For instance, you could get a discount for longer term rental, ask for added security of no insurance is included, and so on.

These are the five most common things you should watch out for if you want to rent a storage container. In following these hints and tips, you will make sure you find the right container for your needs, at the right price as well.

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