Watercolor Painting – An Excellent Way of Expressing Yourself

There are many styles of painting used by artists. One such painting style, which has become very popular among artists is watercolor painting. Watercolors are created most commonly on paper. However, watercolor paintings can also be created on other mediums like wood, leather, plastic and canvas, if the surface is properly prepared.

Watercolor painting was quite common in ancient times. But, it is during the Renaissance period that many artists started using watercolor medium, and helped it to grow as an art form.

Watercolor Painting

An Excellent Way of Expressing Yourself

Watercolor is an excellent medium to bring your art to life. The most appealing quality of watercolor is its luminosity. Your watercolors truly stand out when they glow with the sparkle of light.

Watercolor medium can be a bit challenging for the beginner as mistakes are difficult to correct. While you want to encourage a bit of color chaos on paper to give your paintings a loose and fresh appearance, you also have to be careful to not let it get out of hand.

Once you learn the basic watercolor techniques, you will enjoy creating watercolor paintings.

Source: Lela Stankovic

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